Efficient verification of trustiness and authentication of query answers in cloud

Ch Mamatha Devi, V. Aditya Ramalingeswar Rao


This recommends a cooperative query answer authentication system, based on the ring signature, the Merkle hash tree (MHT) and the non-repudiable service protocol. Through the cooperation among the entities in cloud service system, the proposed scheme could not only verify the query answer but also protect the DO’s identity. First, it picks up the internal nodes of MHT to sign, as well as the root node. Thus, the verification computation complexity could be significantly reduced from O(log2N) to O(log2N0.5) in the best case. Then it improves an existing ring signature to sign the selected nodes. Furthermore, the proposed scheme employs the non-repudiation protocol during the transmission of query answer and verification object (VO) to protect trading behavior between the CSP and users. The security and performance analysis prove the security and feasibility of the proposed scheme.


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