Efficient Query Processing For Integrity and Privacy Validation In WSN

N Mounika, Nadella Sunil


To reserve secrecy, we body a guide for each sensor placid data element via pseudo-random hash function and Bloom filters and converts top-k queries into top assortment queries. To game reserve honor, we advise a data barrier algorithm to dividing wall each data item into an interlude and award the partition data with the data. The emotionally involved information warrants that the sink can attest the veracity of query results. We strictly ascertain that our order is safe as houses under IND-CKA security model. Our untried results on real-life data show that our style is true and real for huge network sizes.


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RLi,AX Liu, S Xiao, H Xu, B Bruhadeshwar, Privacy and Integrity Preserving Top-k Query Processing for Two-Tiered Sensor Networks,2017

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