A Novel Estimation of Range Queries over Spatial information by Users

Kalagata Venkataramana, K V V Ramana, M. Veerabhadra Rao


We solemnize the idea of Geometrically Searchable Encryption (GSE), which is changed from the definitions of SE arrangements but focuses on replying geometric queries. We suggest a GSE scheme, named FastGeo, which can efficiently save points inside a geometric area deprived of skimpy private data points or subtle geometric range queries to a honest-but inquisitive server. In its place of straight assessing calculate then-compare operations, our key idea is to change spatial data and regular range queries to a newfangled form, signified as equality-vector form, and influence a two-level search as our key solution to prove whether a point is secret a geometric range, where the first level firmly operates equivalence scrutiny with PRF and the next level clandestinely evaluates inner products with Shen-Shi-Waters encryption (SSW). FastGeo provisions uninformed geometric areas, reaches sub linear search time, and aids energetic updates over converted longitudinal datasets.


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