Strewn Effective Hiding In Shared Wireless Networks

Kotari Havila, A Rajesh


This paper introduces cooperative caching techniques for reducing electronic content provisioning cost in Social Wireless Networks (SWNET).SWNETs are formed by mobile devices, such as modern cell phones etc. sharing common takings in electronic content, and actually meeting together in public places. Electronic object caching in such SWNETs are shown to be able to reduce the content provisioning cost which depends heavily on the service and pricing dependences among various stakeholders including content providers (CP), network service providers, and End Consumers (EC).This paper develops practical network, service, and pricing models which are then used for creating two object caching strategies for reducing content provisioning costs in networks with homogenous and heterogeneous object demands. The paper develops analytical and simulation designs for analysing the proposed caching strategies in the presence of selfish users that deviate from network-wide costoptimal policies. It also reports results from an Android phone based prototype SWNET, validating the presented analytical and simulation results.


cooperative cache; cost-optimal policies; distributed search engines; selfish users


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