A Multi-Authority Cipher Text Attribute-Based Encryption (CP-ABE) for G2C

Ch. Ramya, K.V.V.L. Madhuri


We propose an adaptable, secure, cost savvy, and protection preserved cloud-based system for the healthcare condition. We propose a safe and proficient structure for the administration EHR framework, in which fine-grained get to control can be managed dependent on multi-authority ciphertext attribute based encryption (CP-ABE), together with a progressive structure, to uphold get to control strategies. The proposed system will permit chiefs in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to build up the social insurance segment and to profit by the current e-government cloud computing stage Yasser, which is liable for conveying shared services through a profoundly proficient, dependable, and safe condition. This system means to give health services and offices from the government to citizens (G2C).


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