A Novel Strategy for Static Compensator Based Control of Grid Interfaced OWF and MCF for Dynamic Stability Enhancement

Subodh Kumar CH, T Bhargav Ram


This paper presents a novel strategy for static compensator based control of grid interfaced owf and mcf for dynamic stability enhancement. The performance of the studied OWF is simulated by an equivalent doubly-fed induction generator (DFIG) driven by an equivalent wind turbine (WT) while MCF is simulated by an equivalent squirrel-cage rotor induction generator (SCIG). A PID controller for the STATCOM is proposed to contribute effective damping characteristics to the studied system under different operating conditions. The model studied is subject to various disturbances, like noise wind speed disturbance, marine current speed disturbance and a three phase short circuit fault at grid.  It can be concluded from the simulated results that the proposed STATCOM is very effective to stabilize the studied system under disturbance conditions. The voltage fluctuations of the AC bus subject to the active-power variations of the studied system can also be effectively controlled by the proposed control scheme, MATLAB/SIMULINK results verified the effectiveness of proposed control scheme.


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