A FLC Based DVR by Employing Z-Source Inverter For Voltage Sag/Swell Reduction

K. Surender


Today Power quality is an issue that is becoming increasingly important to electricity consumers at all levels of usage. Sensitive power electronic equipment and non-linear loads are widely used in industrial, commercial and domestic applications leading to distortion in voltage and current The analysis of power disturbance characteristics and finding solution to the power quality problems have resulted in an increased interest for power quality. The most concerning disturbances affecting the quality of the power in the distribution system are voltage sag/swell. The DVR is used to mitigate the voltage sag/swell on sensitive load. In this paper Z-source inverter (ZSI) based DVR is proposed to enhance the voltage restoration property of the system. The ZSI uses an LC impedance grid to couple power source to inverter circuit and prepares the possibility of voltage buck and boost by short circuiting the inverter legs. Z source DVR is proposed to obtain the desired injected voltage with the control scheme of pi and fuzzy logic simulated in the MATLAB/SIMULINK environment


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