Secure File Allocation in Cloud Storage Using Audit Services and Deduplication

Burlu Revathi, N.P. Patnayak.M


Data de-duplication is a method of getting rid of duplicate copies of data and has typically been used in cloud storage to reduce the amount of data stored and transferred. However, despite the likelihood that a document is requested by a huge number of clients, there is only one copy of every file stored in the cloud. De-duplication framework hence improves storage use while lowering constant quality. Additionally, when clients outsource their sensitive data to the cloud, security for that data is put to the test. In order to address the aforementioned security issues, the main goal of this study is to codify the concept of an adequate reliable deduplication architecture. In this paper, new distributed deduplication frameworks with improved unwavering quality are provided, in which the data chunks are sent via various cloud servers. Cloud lessens the burden of storing and maintaining the enormous amounts of data. The issues of unwavering quality and security concerns are brought up by external cloud storage. Deduplication and integrity auditing problems are partially caused by the current framework. The main objective of this study is to achieve data integrity and deduplication in order to maintain the security and soundness of our system. With the aid of a guide lessen system, calculating times for data transferring and downloading were slashed in earlier work. Clients' private information is typically more safe, thus this uses encryption to increase security.


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