New Control Strategy of Interconnected Micro-grids for Enhancing Power Sharing Capability

Velpula Venugopal, Bojjagani Ramesh


In this study, the AC-DC connected grids are only involved in power sharing or power regulation, but not both, due to operational hurdles to existing power management systems. To overcome these challenges, this paper is offered. In order to import electricity from an interconnected AC micro grid, this suggested autonomous power control system will first analyse the current state of the DC grid. Not only does this approach reduce the amount of active converters required in order to achieve lower energy transfer losses, but it also does so while also creating a DC micro grid. The plug-and-play qualities of generators and tie-converters are adhered to by the proposed system, making it totally self-contained. The suggested control system's efficiency is ensured under a variety of operating circumstances. Researchers were able to validate the suggested system's ability to autonomously manage power shortages in the DC micro grid, while still maintaining better power control and voltage regulations across the DC micro grid. Analysis is carried out in the MATLAB / SIMULINK environment to ensure accuracy.


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