An Effective Utilization of Concentrated Solar Energy

M. Mallikarjun, K. Praveena


This thesis describes a new Concentrating Solar Energy with Integral thermal storage that is applied in a solar thermal power station. Solar radiation is concentrated on the boiler of a conventional power station by the technics ofParabolic trough and Fresnel trough, Central receiver system, Solar updraft tower plant The study on the several new CSP projects following the stagnation period of next 35 years. This projects discuses about the past present and future status of the energy demand. Taking the three scenarios pessimistic, optimistic-realistic, very optimistic describes solar thermal technology development pathways.  The contribution analysis showed that in case of thermo oil based power plant concepts are taken into consideration to analyze the emission from the plant and environment issues. Life Cycle results for current and future technology configuration are carried out for better analysis.


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