Modelling And Simulation Of Lossless Damping Reduction By Vector Controlled Ac Motor Drive With An Efficient Lc Filter

A Anusha, O.V.S. Srinivasa Prasad


In this paper Active damping technique isused to damp out the unwanted resonant frequencyoscillations and proposed for lossless damping of vectorcontrolled
ac drives with an efficient LC-Filter.  Thispaper mainly concentrated on protection of Inductionmotor and Synchronous motor under any balanced orunbalanced load conditions and this proposed techniqueis simulated with the combination of Voltage SourceInverter (VSI), LC Filter and AC Drives. However, theLC-Filter created unwanted oscillations due to internalresistance at system resonant frequency. This resistancedrop is emulated by controlling terminal voltage. Theproposed technique neither affects the dynamicresponse of the drive nor changes the design of thestandard vector control loops. This proposed techniqueis carried out in three phase domain for better accuracyof control. This paper has been implemented andsimulated by using MATLAB/ SIMULINK 7.8 (R2009a)version.


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