Scalable Coding of PRNG Encrypted Images

Y. Sridhar, Bighneswar Panda


This paper proposes a unique scheme of scalable coding for PRNG encrypted images. In the encryption stage, the original pixel values are masked by a modulo-256 addition with pseudorandom numbers that are resulting from a secret key. After decomposing the encrypted data into a down sampled sub image and some data sets with a multiple-resolution construction, an encoder quantizes the sub image and the Hadamard coefficients of each data set to condense the data quantity. Then, the data of quantized sub image and coefficients are observed as a set of bit streams. At the receiver side, while a sub image is decrypted to provide the uneven information of the original content, the quantized coefficients can be used to reconstruct the detailed content with an iteratively updating procedure. Because of the hierarchical coding mechanism, the principal original content with advanced resolution can be reconstructed when more bit streams are received.


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