Challenges and Issues of Data Security in Cloud Computing

Anil Kumar Dudla, Ashok Kote, VijayaRaju Motru


Cloud computing is still in its infancy in spite of gaining tremendous momentum recently, high security is one of the major obstacles for opening up the new era of the long dreamed vision of computing as a utility. As the sensitive applications and data are moved into the cloud data centers, run on virtual computing resources in the form of virtual machine. This unique attributes, however, poses many novel tangible and intangible security challenges. It might be difficult to track the security issue in cloud computing environments. So this paper primarily aims to highlight the major security, privacy and trust issues in current existing cloud computing environments and help users recognize the tangible and intangible threats associated with their uses, which includes: (a) surveying the most relevant security, privacy and trust issues that pose threats in current existing cloud computing environments; and (b) analyzing the way that may be addressed to eliminate these potential privacy, security and trust threats, and providing a high secure, trustworthy, and dependable cloud computing environment. In the near future, we will further analysis and evaluate privacy; security and trust issues in cloud computing environment by a quantifiable approach, further develop and deploy a complete security, privacy trust evaluation, management framework on really cloud computing environments.


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