Design Development and Analysis Of Two Wheeler Eco Friendly Plastic Carburetor With Rapid Prototyping

P.Manasa Deepthi, Gidda Venkateswara Rao, J .Hari Narayana Rao


The design development and analysis of carburetor has been carry out by applying structural and thermal loads. The present work particularly deals with the drafting and designing of carburetor using plastic materials which can be manufactured with rapid prototyping to increase mass production. My main aim is to prevent the component from getting corroded or undergoing corrosion. Replacing metal components with plastic ones can offer some important bondage. Unlike metals, plastic materials can be modified to better suit. And also manufactured by using RP technique the life of the product increases of course when fuel injectors are replaced it as the main fuel input system, it had evolve into a complicated, sophisticated, expensive system. Carburetors are still found on automobiles, many small engines like those on lawn movers and model airplanes still use carburetors. It is to keep the cost of the engine down and it is very cheap to manufacture while fuel injectors requires more costly control systems.


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