Controller Implementation for PV Interconnection Based Three-Phase UPS Systems Operating Under Highly Nonlinear Loads

P. Muni Sravani, D. Srilatha, M. Bala Subba Reddy


In this paper we have multi functional converters to inter connect the both the dc and ac grids to handle power quality issues of the micro-grids. Multifunctional inverters can not only interface the renewable energy resource into the utility grid, but also can compensate the harmonic and reactive current in the micro-grid as an auxiliary service. Therefore, to enhance the power quality of the micro-grid by optimal utilization of the limited and valuable capacity becomes a technical challenge. In this paper, two optimal control objectives of MFGTIs are presented based on a comprehensive power quality evaluation algorithm by means of Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP) theory. The two proposed strategies are analyzed about the powers and voltage and currents as results, and the paper also discusses how to use them in practice for the best performance. Simulation of proposed svpwm verifies the feasibility of the proposed optimal control strategies.


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