Physico–Chemical Analysis Of Sugar Mill Effluents And Its Effect On Seed Germination Of Paddy (Oryza sativa) and Green gram (Vigna radiata)

T Deepthi, J. Prabhakaran


Sugar factories assume a noteworthy part in discharging so as to contaminate the water bodies and land a lot of wastewater as profluent. The sugar plant effluents are having high measure of suspended solids, broke up solids, BOD, COD, chlorides, sulfates and so on. The ceaseless utilization of these effluents destructively influences the yields when utilized for watering system. In the present study, physico-synthetic parameters of sugar factory profluent was resolved and the impact of different fixations (0%, 10%, 25%, half, 75 % and 100%) of the gushing on seed germination, germination pace of Paddy (Oryza sativa) and Green gram (Vigna radiata) was likewise contemplated. The low gushing pH , all out broke down solids, natural oxygen interest and substance oxygen request, show the high inorganic and natural substance with an acidic burden. Germination rates diminish with expanding grouping of emanating in the seeds tried with untreated sugar factory effluents and the germination rate was asusual and typical in the seeds tried with the treated gushing.


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