A Study on properties of Coconut Oil and shells, an alternative to Regular Aggregate in Concrete

Dhanala Vinaya, Gottala Anirudh


"Sustainable" is being to a great degree fundamental around the globe. The example goes past the demonstration of configuration and construction, since the recognition with the present people is a critical variable for the accomplishment of this inclination. Viable building structures can have a quick repercussions on the concrete of occupation conditions of gatherings. The purpose of this study is to review the utility and practicality of coconut shells as a coarse aggregate as a differentiating alternative to regular aggregate in concrete. A coconut shell has not been endeavored as aggregate in essential concrete. The properties of coconut shells must be alluded to before it can be used as a coarse aggregate as a piece of concrete. This investigation focuses on properties of coconut shells regardless, and a short time later as an auxiliary material.


Coconut Shells, concrete, cement, coarse aggregate, fly ash.


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