Data integrity and Auditing for Secured Cloud Data Storage

D. Usha Raj, CH.Udaya Bhaskar


Time and Trend has its own significance to build the technology smarter, better and easier to the end user.To the Better stretch of the Information Technology, the Innovation and renovation has changed computing approach to the next level. For this paper, we try giving the glimpse of the contextual virtual storage in cloud in the public data distribution.  These days cloud storage become common, but having the constrainttowards the technical advancement is the Security. If we consider behavioral aspect of the cloud data storage, we will come across much aspect. Hence,In this we have overcome the public protection in terms of the privacy towards the authorization of public audit,tag based data uploading with the help of the SecCloud and SecCLoud+ based processing with the aim to maintain the integrity and data consistency. Metadata with the protocol to prevent the leakage of the dataset, which we call it as the best to the trend of the acknowledgement based identification with the cryptographic model where ever the node to the parallel cloud distributed elastic stretchableenvironment with the high end cloud data center marinating the graphics of the flow triggering the security in the public Domain


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