Improvement of Grid Current Compensator in Distributed Generation System

P Govinda Raju, K Venkata Ramana


This paper Proposed a new current control topology for grid-connected based distributed generation (DG), which helps the DG to exchange a sinusoidal current into the utility grid despite the distorted grid voltage and nonlinear local load conditions. The proposed current controller is outlined in the synchronous reference casing and made out of a Fuzy controller. Consequently, the control methodology can be incredibly rearranged effectively. What's more, the proposed control strategy does not require the nearby load current estimation or symphonious investigation of the framework voltage. In this manner, the proposed control technique can be effectively embraced into the conventional DG control framework without establishment of additional equipment. In spite of the lessened number of sensors, the framework current quality is altogether progressed. The operation standard of the proposed control technique is examined in detail, and its viability is approved through watching absolute symphonious bending (THD) and the results verified through MATLAB/SIMULINK environment.


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