Design and Structural Analysis of High Speed Helical Gear Using ANSYS

Dadi Vijay, Sanmala Rajasekhar


Marine motors are among substantial obligation hardware, which should be dealt with in the most ideal path amid model improvement stages. These motors are worked at high speeds which incite substantial anxieties and diversions in the riggings and in other turning parts. For the sheltered working of the motor, these anxieties and redirections must be minimized. In this venture, static-basic examination on a rapid helical apparatus utilized as a part of marine motors, have been performed. The measurements of the model have been landed at by hypothetical strategies. The anxieties created and the redirections of the tooth have been broke down for various materials. At long last the outcomes acquired by hypothetical examination and Finite Element Analysis are contrasted with check the accuracy. A conclusion has been landed on the material which is most appropriate for the marine motors in view of the outcomes


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