Reliability of Chandrapur-Padghe HVDC Line (Chapad) ±500kv HVDC Link

Ravindra M.Gimonkar


This paper presents an over view of the present  status of the reliability model of HVDC link in between CHANDRAPUR & PADGE terminal stations. It is well known fact that it is well-known fact that major generating stations in Maharashtra are located in its Eastern region; where as its major load-centers are located in the Western region. Now because of the increase of the power it crises many major TPPs (Tiroda) with total generation capacity (5000 MW) are coming up in Eastern region of Maharashtra i.e. Vidarbha. For this I have selected the HVDC link in between above 2 terminal station and proved the reliability of this HVDC system in more than 97%.


HVDC link, padge, Vidarbha, power crisis.


I. Vancers ,D.J. Christofersen , A. Leirbukt ,M.G. Benntt “Survey Of the Reliability Of HVDC Systems Throught The World During 2003 – 2004” 21, rue d’Artois, F-75008 Paris B4-202 CIGRE 2006 http : //

R. Leelaruji, J. Setréus, Graduate Student Member, IEEE,G. Olguin, Member, IEEE, L. Bertling, Member, IEEE Availability Assessment of the HVDC Converter Transformer System” Availability Assessment of the HVDC Converter Transformer System”Swedish Centre of Excellence in Electric Power Engineering (EKC2). R. Leelaruji, J. Setréus and L. Bertling are with the School of Electrical Engineering, Royal Institute of Technology, KTH, Stockholm, Sweden.

Gunnar Asplund, Urban Åström, and Dong Wu ABB Power Technologies, SE-771 80 Ludvika, Sweden;” Advantage of HVDC transmission at 800 kV” Paper submitted to 14th ISH as Keynote Lecture, Beijing, China, August 25-28, 2005

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