Automation System to Control the Movement of the Inlet Conveyor to the Boiler Furnace and the Exhaust Draft

Pulluri Harish, V. Goutham, M. Nagaraju


Records the particular commercial parameter similar to temp, wetness, and communicates the idea in order to pc, in the event that any kind of these valuations will not be throughout restriction next pc communicates wireless demand to be able to management the idea. Industrial Control Systems are typically used in industries such as electrical, water, oil, gas and data. Based on information received from remote stations, automated or operator-driven supervisory commands can be pushed to remote station control devices, which are often referred to as field devices. Field devices control local operations such as opening and closing valves and breakers, collecting data from sensor systems, and monitoring the local environment for alarm conditions. In this project we made a prototype of such system. We use this automated system to manage the furl inlet of the thermal station and also the exhaust system to avoid material wastage


automation, material wastage, wireless demand.

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