Design And Analysis Of Machining (Hydraulic) Fixture For AVTEC Transmission Case Component

S.D.V.V.S.B. Reddy, P. Satish Reddy, V Subrahmanyam


In order to have interchangeable parts in mass production, jigs and fixtures play a vital role in manufacturing process. A fixture is a special tool designed for specific purpose and for specific component for operation. The present work deals with the design of machining fixture for milling and drilling operations for a crank case. The cutting forces involved in the operations are taken into consideration for designing the fixture.

The present fixture designed is hydraulic operated and used for operation like face milling, drilling, Tapping, Rough &Finish Boring of the crank case. Design standards are taken from Makino for designing this machining fixture. In the design process based on the geometry of the component to be machined, the machine, the table layout and corresponding clamping slot positions are then selected.

Since the final component cannot be produced by a single operation it is necessary to plan for various operations to get the final shape. The fixture is then designed by considering all the clamping forces from various cutting operations.


jigs, fixture, Design,Ansys


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