Design Evaluation and Analysis of Vapor Compression Cooling Cycle With Change In Span of Condenser

V.N.D.Venkata Ramana, P.Satish Reddy, N.Guru Murthy, M Manoj


Refrigeration is a procedure of moving warmth starting with one area then onto the next in controlled conditions. This procedure is customarily determined by mechanical energy, however can likewise be driven by providing heat energy, attraction, laser and different means. Refrigeration has numerous applications, and is restricted to: family unit fridges, mechanical coolers, cryogenics, and ventilating. Majority of refrigerator system works on vapour compression refrigeration system. This system consists of compressor, condenser, expansion valve and evaporator. The performance of the system depends upon these system components.

The performance parameters of simple vapour compression refrigeration system (VCRS) were studied functioning under transient conditions during cooling of a fixed mass of R-404A from room temperature to sub-zero temperature.

In this thesis, COP of the VCR system for different diameters of the condenser tube using the specific end conditions is analyzed using ANSYS for the best performance of the system.


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