A Novel Controlled Method Of Transformer Less Cascaded H-Bridge STATCOM

Jyothirmai Anguluri, K Anil Kumar


This work is a mix of transformer less static synchronous compensator (STATCOM) and Cascade multilevel H-connect converter topology. This proposed controller current circle as well as have dc capacitor voltage control. As to the present circle control, a nonlinear controller in light of the resignation based control (PBC) hypothesis is utilized as a part of this Cascade structure STATCOM surprisingly. With regards to the dc capacitor voltage control, general voltage control is acknowledged by embracing a corresponding full controller. Bunched adjusting control is acquired by utilizing a dynamic unsettling influences dismissal controller. The recreation comes about demonstrate that H-connect Cascade STATCOM with the proposed control techniques has amazing dynamic execution and solid power. The dc capacitor voltage can be kept up at the given esteem adequately. Fuzzy controller is utilized to decrease the swells and better smoothening of the wave shapes. The outcomes dissected through MATLAB/SIMULINK condition.


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