A Load Harmonizing Standard Based On Cloud Segregating For The Public Cloud

D. Srujan Chandra Reddy, Kandagadla Nishitha


Concept of Harmonizing Load in cloud computing has an important effect on the performance. A cloudcomputing system which does not use load Harmonizing has numerous drawbacks. Now-a-days the usage of internet and related resources has increased widely. Due to this there is tremendous increase in workload. So there is uneven distribution of this workload which results in server overloading and may crash. In such systems the resources are not optimally used. Due to this the performance degrades and efficiency reduces. Cloud computing is made more efficient by better load Harmonizing methods. User satisfaction also improves. This paper introduces a better load Harmonizing Standard for the public cloud based on the cloud Segregating concept. A switch mechanism is introduced here to choose different strategies for different situations. The public cloud is divided into cloud partitions and different strategies are applied to balance the load on clouds. This paper introduces a system which has main controller, balancers and servers. The main controller selects the appropriate balancer for a particular job. The balancer further selects the server having minimum load. Hence, this system will help dynamically allocate jobs (data) to the least loaded server which will result in an efficiently balanced cloud system.



load Harmonizing Standard; public cloud; cloud partition; game theory


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