Vol 2, No 9 (2014)


Table of Contents


Contribution Of Information Sharing In Wireless Sensor Network With Prune Delay PDF [Full Text]
Jacob Sastry N, Anantha Rao .G 292-296
Quantify and Examined of video distribution sites for appreciative links PDF [Full Text]
Devaki Sravani, Anantha Rao .G 297-301
Society Dissemination Based Propagation For Data Spreading In Mobiles Social Networks PDF [Full Text]
Shaik Mohammad Ayesha, SK. Mubeena Sultana 302-305
Strewn Effective Hiding In Shared Wireless Networks PDF [Full Text]
Kotari Havila, A Rajesh 306-310
Sheltered Compound Vendor Data Apportioning For Vibrant Clusters In The Cloud PDF [Full Text]
A Madhusudhana Rao, O Srinivas 311-314
Peripatetic Shared TV Using Cloud PDF [Full Text]
Kotari Tabitha, SK. Mubeena Sultana 315-317
An Effective Utilization of Passive and Motor Loads By Using Three Level Inverter with Simplified Space Vector Modulation Technique PDF [Full Text]
Abhinav Dusari, T Bhargav Ram 318-325
A Novel Control Strategy of PV Generation System with LPC for Loading Balance of Distribution Feeders PDF [Full Text]
Bhatraj Anudeep, T Bhargav Ram 326-331
Design and Simulation of Typical Island Systems Linked With Voltage Source Converter - HVDC Links PDF [Full Text]
Goutham D, Murali Krishna L 332-341
A Voltage Oriented Control Method for PV - Grid Interfaced Inverter by Using Advanced MPPT Algorithm PDF [Full Text]
Bhargav Ram T, Hima Bindu S 342-352
Simulation of an Inverter-Based Dg System by Using Voltage Control of DC Link for Islanding Detection PDF [Full Text]
V praveen Kumar 353-363
Simulation of an Efficient Hybrid Transformer DC-DC Converter for PV Based Renewable Energy Sources -Power Conditioning Systems (PCS) Applications with High Boost Ratio PDF [Full Text]
Raje nder, Murali Krishna L 364-370
Modeling and Simulation of a Hybrid Fuzzy And Hysteresis Current Controller for Single Phase Grid Attached PWM Inverter for Melioration of Power Quality PDF [Full Text]
B sriveni 371-375
A Novel Strategy for Static Compensator Based Control of Grid Interfaced OWF and MCF for Dynamic Stability Enhancement PDF [Full Text]
Subodh Kumar CH, T Bhargav Ram 376-383
A FLC Based DVR by Employing Z-Source Inverter For Voltage Sag/Swell Reduction PDF [Full Text]
K. Surender 384-389
FPGA Based Wireless Jamming Networks PDF [Full Text]
Anne Yasaswini Chowdary, M. Suneetha 390-394
Scrounger Outbreaks Strenuous Life From Wireless Adhoc Sensor Networks PDF [Full Text]
Teki Rakesh, Potti Kusuma Tejaswini 395-402
Explication Search Results From Huge Amount Of Published Data PDF [Full Text]
Yalamanchili Salini, Ragini M 403-406
Anonymous Asserts Profile Protection In Mobile Social Networks PDF [Full Text]
Gangadhari Swapna, Ganji Ramanjaiah 407-410
Structural and Thermal Simulation of Fins Of An Air Cooled Engine Cylinder Under Varying Speed Conditions PDF [Full Text]
S Chandra sekhar 411- 414
Design and Manufacture of Auto-Control Boiler Panel (ACBP) PDF [Full Text]
K. Kranthi Kumar, K. Lal Singh Nayak 415-419
Study on Remote File Attacking – Inclusion & Detection PDF [Full Text]
Bhawna Sinha, Dr. D. K. Singh, Dr. Pankaj Kumar 420-425
Manufacturing of Incoloy- 800 Tubes Nuclear Steam Generator Tubes PDF [Full Text]
K. Siva Rama Krishna Rao, K. Praveena 426-431
An Effective Utilization of Concentrated Solar Energy PDF [Full Text]
M. Mallikarjun, K. Praveena 432-435
DC Link Capacitor Voltage of D-Statcom With Fuzzy Logic Supervision PDF [Full Text]
M. Pavani, I. Venugopal 436-442
Implementation of Area Efficient and High Bit Rate Serial-Serial Multiplier With On-the-Fly Accumulation by Asynchronous Counters PDF [Full Text]
Suda Sriram, Ch. Kanakalingeswara Rao 443-449
Design An Optimal Scheduling Algoritm That Minimize The Cost And Task Comletion Time PDF [Full Text]
Shashi prabha chahal, Anu Sharma 450-454

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