Vol 2, No 12 (2014)


Table of Contents


Gender and Name Classification Based on Texture, Local Binary Pattern and Probabilistic Neural Network PDF [Full Text]
Alla Mahesh, M.Raja Babu 876-879
The Dynamic Load Balancing Method On Game Theory For Distributed Systems PDF[FULL TEXT]
Lakshmi Sowjanya Sivalenka, CH Hemanandh, K.T.V Subbarao 880-883
Analyzation Of The Scalability Problems Of Distributed Presence Server Architectures PDF[FULL TEXT]
R Sangeetha, M.M Balakrishna, K.T.V Subbarao 884-887
A Clustering-Based Shifting Technique To Align Data Units In Web Data Bases PDF[FULL TEXT]
lalitha kumari kolli, K.V.T subba rao 888-891
A Routing Algorithm To Reduce The Queueing Complexity In Communication Networks PDF[FULL TEXT]
Suresh pydi, A Ramamurthy, K.T.V Subbarao 892-895
A Classification Mechanism To Avoid Useless Data From Osn Walls PDF[FULL TEXT]
S koteswara rao Yarlagadda, CH Hemanand, K.T.V Subbarao 896-900
Analysis of Sandwich Beam PDF [Full Text]
M Siva Prasad, P Satish Reddy, Matta Manoj, N.Guru Murthy 901-908
A Mobility Prediction Algorithm To Estimate The Contact Opportunities For Smartphone Users PDF[FULL TEXT]
R Suganya, K.V.T Subbarao 909-912
To Provide An Innovative Policy Anomaly Management Framework For Firewalls PDF[FULL TEXT]
Subha Sree Mallela, M M Bala Krishna, K.T.V Subbarao 913-916
Resonant Current Control Of Three Phase Grid Connected Photovoltaic Inverters PDF [Full Text]
V. Pranay Kumar, M.M. Irfan 917-924
Optimal Object Placement Policies To Minimize The Network-Wide Content Provisioning Cost PDF[FULL TEXT]
Ravikala Raveendra, G Raju, K.T.V Subbarao 925-929
Switching Activity Reduction Technique In Soc Testing PDF [Full Text]
P. Sai Kumar, N S Govind 930-935
Enhancement of Power Quality by Using Shunt Hybrid Power Filter With TCR PDF [Full Text]
D. Srikanth, V. Sreepriya 936-943
An Efficient Intrusion-Detection Mechanisms To Protect Manet From Attacks PDF[FULL TEXT]
S Rajeswari, A Ramamurthy, K.T.V Subbarao 944-947
A Novel Attack Graph Approach For Attack Detection And Prevention Using Nice PDF[FULL TEXT]
K Suganya, K.V.T subba rao 948-952
An Algorithm Of Anonymous Id Assignment For Secure Data Sharing On A Network PDF[FULL TEXT]
Morampudi Satya Harish, A Ramamurthy, K.T.V Subbarao 953-955
To Improve Content Based Face Retrieval By Creating Semantic Code Words PDF[FULL TEXT]
Melam Srikanth, A Ramamurthy, K.T.V Subbarao 956-959
To Achieve An Optimal Tradeoff Between P2p Overlay Maintenance And Video Sharing Efficiency In Osn’s PDF[FULL TEXT]
D Bhanuprakash, A Ramamurthy, K.T.V Subbarao 960-963
A Searchbased Multi-Objective Approach To Generate Test Suites For High Branch Coverage PDF[FULL TEXT]
M.N.V Surekha, K.V.T subba rao 964-967
Performance Analysis Of IPMSM Drive Using Fuzzy Logic Controller Based Loss Minimization Algorithm (LMA) PDF [Full Text]
P. Sandeep, G. Venkata Sagar, Subbirami Reddy 968-976
Evaluate The Quality Of Marked Decrypted Image Quantitatively To Encrypted Images Using Rdh PDF[FULL TEXT]
N Bhaskar, VijayKumar Janga 977-980
Enable Tpa To Perform Audits For Multiple Users Efficiently For Securing Cloud Storage PDF[FULL TEXT]
M Mounika, Farhana Begum 981-984
An Efficient Pdp Scheme For Distributed Cloud Storage To Support Dynamic Scalability On Multiple Storage Servers PDF[FULL TEXT]
Ch Rajeshwari, S Suresh 985-988
A Study To Support First-N Queries And Incremental Updates To Answer Multi Keyword Queries PDF[FULL TEXT]
Ala Rajitha, Fasi Ahmed Parvez 989-991
A Complete System To Securely Outsource Log Records To A Cloud Provider PDF[FULL TEXT]
kodari Shravan Kumar, Vishnuprasad Goranthala 992-995
Boost Interleaved Converter Integrated Voltage Multiplier Module for Renewable Energy System PDF[FULL TEXT]
E Sandhya Rani, CH Vinod Kumar, Y Srinivas Rao 996-1005
A texture feature extraction of crop field images using GLCM approach PDF [Full Text]
Sushila Shidnal 1006-1011
Contact Stress Analysis of Helical Gear by Using AGMA and ANSYS PDF [Full Text]
S.Sai Anusha, P.Satish Reddy, P. Bhaskar, M Manoj 1012-1016
Transmission Mechanism To Effectively Increase The Social Tv Viewing Experience By Cloud PDF[FULL TEXT]
Penta Mukhesh, A Ramamurthy, K.T.V Subbarao 1017-1020
A Distributed Solution For Npv In Mobile Adhoc Networks To Verify The Position Of Communication Neighbours PDF[FULL TEXT]
P Ramojeerao, G Raju, K.T.V Subbarao 1021-1024
Maintain Data Integrity And Protection Of Private Label Information In Social Network Data PDF[FULL TEXT]
Mallam Ujwala, P Ravi 1025-1027
A Novel Method for Providing Discrete Filtering and Blacklisting Options for OSN Users PDF [Full Text]
gadde sai sudha, K. Priyanka 1028-1032
Character segmentation from multi-oriented video words using Discrete Wavelet Transform and K-Means Clustering PDF [Full Text]
B.Jagadeesh babu, D Kishore 1033-1039
A Study on Process Parameters in Milling of Al-MMC PDF [Full Text]
B.Swapna Priya, P.Satish Reddy, P. Bhaskar, M Manoj 1040-1043
Pitch Control of DFIG Wind Turbine Based on Fuzzy Logic Controller PDF [Full Text]
T.Anil Kumar, Ch.V.V. Mangalakshmi 1044-1048
Simulation of VSC Based HVDC Transmission System under Fault Conditions PDF[FULL TEXT]
K Sivanagamani, P Bhaskar Reddy 1049-1055
Dairy Automation Using Controlled Area Network Protocol PDF [Full Text]
B.Praveen Kumar, S. Rajagopal 1056-1060

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