Vol 3, No 4 (2015)


Table of Contents


Android-Based Vehicle Monitoring and Tracking System Using ARM7 and CAN Technology PDF[FULL TEXT]
Narendra kumar T, sivaji s 94-98
Combination Methodology For Protected Formal Deduplication In Cloud Computing PDF[FULL TEXT]
Joykumar S, chandra bushana rao k 99-103
Web Based Fault Detection System PDF [Full Text]
K Harshini, Arvind Vishnubatla 104-109
Real Time Automatic Number Plate Recognition Using Morphological Algorithm PDF [Full Text]
B Satyanarayana, Dhana Raju Valluri, K Raja Sekhar 110-116
Kernel based Design on Industrial Automation PDF[FULL TEXT]
Dileep Kumar Dake, V.L.Prasanna Dhulipudi 117-119
Overseeing Automobiles through CAN bus with intact WiFi PDF[FULL TEXT]
Sheikh Meheraj, U Sadhana 120-125
Embedded Platform For Online Signature Verification PDF[FULL TEXT]
Sangeet Kumar K, V.V.S.R.K.K.Pavan BH 126-131
A Novel Rescue System At Congested Traffic Cities PDF[FULL TEXT]
priyanka s l, Satish Kumar Ch. 132-134
RSVP- A Fault Tolerant Mechanism in MPLS Networks PDF[FULL TEXT]
Ch Suman Chakravarthy, Y Laxmana Rao, Chokkapu Narayanarao 135-138
Novel Fetching of EEG Signals for ROBO Thought Process PDF[FULL TEXT]
K Chaitanya Sri, V V.Subhash 139-142
An Improved Cost Estimation in Software Project Development Using Neural Networks and COCOMOII model PDF[FULL TEXT]
archana r, ravikumar t 143-146
Privacy Preserving from global eavesdropper in Wireless Sensor Network Using Routing Technique PDF[FULL TEXT]
himasri p, chandhra sekhar m.v.b 147-150
Analysis Of Linear And Planarantenna Arrays PDF[FULL TEXT]
G Karunakar, S Sairam, D Reshma 151-155

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