Vol 3, No 7 (2015)


Table of Contents


A Novel Optimal routing using Hop-by-Hop Adaptive linking PDF [Full Text]
Ch.Venkateswara Reddy, Ramaiah Challa 212-216
A Well-Organized Revocable Data Access Control for Multi-Authority Cloud Storage PDF [Full Text]
Harika Mallisetti, Jaladi Praveena 217-221
Configuration as well asPerformance of an On-Chip IncarnationArrangement for Multiprocessor System-On-Chip PDF [Full Text]
Baditha Kali Vara Prasad, Jeswanth Theza Nadella 222-227
Secrecy Sustain Broadcast Assessment for Collective Information in Cloud Computing PDF [Full Text]
V Ujjwala, J Haribabu, R lakshmi Tulasi 228-232
Modeling and Simulation Of Transformer-less Grid Connected Photovoltaic System With Artificial Neural Network Based Power Converter PDF [Full Text]
Gouthami Dixith A, Madhuri G 233-245
A Novel Subset Selection Clustering-Based Algorithm for High Dimensional Data PDF [Full Text]
Balineni Bala Krishna, Kolavasi Chandra Mouli 246-251
Providing Distinguish Access Levels to Encrypted Cloud Databases PDF [Full Text]
Mohammad Juned Ansari, Syed Yasin 252-256
An Ontology- Based Multi-Document Summarization in Apocalypse Management PDF [Full Text]
Smita S. Bachal, S.M. Sangve 257-263
Challenging Leech Assault Commencing Wireless Adhoc Set Of Connections PDF [Full Text]
Bhanu Prakash Kantheti, Kumara Raja Jetti 264-269
Empowering Elegant Cloud Services Owing To Remote Signification PDF[FULL TEXT]
Abdulraheem Shaik, Ravi Shireesh Ingilela 270-274
Signature Searching Concerning Association Assortment of Files PDF[FULL TEXT]
Srinadh Reddy N, Vanaja S 275-279
Maintaining Integrity for Shared Data In Cloud With Ring Signatures PDF [Full Text]
N. Nagamani, Syed Sadat Ali 280-284
Verification Of Scalable Distributed Service Integrity For Software-As-A-Service Clouds PDF [Full Text]
M. Nagalakshmi, Syed Sadat Ali 285-289
Gesture to Voice Conversion for Speech and Hearing Impaired Disabilities PDF [Full Text]
Mandapati.Praveen Kumar Reddy, Tuti. Sandhya 290-292

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