Vol 4, No 9 (2016)


Table of Contents


Design and Performance Analysis of slotted E-Shape Microstrip Patch Antenna for Wireless Applications PDF [Full Text]
V Ramesh 410-415
Intelligent Anti-Theft System for Automobiles PDF [Full Text]
B Jhony, A Venkateswara Rao 416-422
Increase of Charge-Coupled Device Resolution limits using Spatial Light Modulator PDF [Full Text]
Mohammad Sohail, Nigar Fida, Haroon Khan, Muhammad Noman Hayat 423-426
Iris recognition Using Fast Walsh Hadamard Transform Based feature Space PDF [Full Text]
Shahid Akbar, Maqsood Hayat, Mohammad Sohail, Haroon Khan 427-429
Mobile Ad hoc Networks Challenges PDF [Full Text]
Inam Ullah Khan, Faheem Numan, Shaheen Ahmad 430-433
Mobile Ad hoc networks in the Global system of Interconnected Computer Networks PDF [Full Text]
Alamgir Safi, Inam Ullah Khan, Muhammad Abul Hassan, Muhammad Asghar 434-451
Tweet Mining from General Elections of a Country PDF [Full Text]
Muhammad Noman Hayat, Nigar Fida, Haroon Khan, Mohammad Sohail 452-454
Achieving Privacy And Security In Multi Owner Cloud Using Novel Secure Search Protocol And AES PDF [Full Text]
V.B.T. Rajeswari, R. Srinivas 455-459
Access Control And Security Mechanisms On Sensitive Information PDF [Full Text]
P. Srivijaya, D Srinivas 460-463
A New Strategy for Productive Information Access In MDTN PDF [Full Text]
K.Satya Veera Venkata Lakshmi, Chandra Sekhar Rayudu Chandra Sekhar Rayudu 464-467
Improve the Security and Usability of User Session using Continuous Authentication Protocol PDF [Full Text]
M.V.Vinaya Nagini, CH Prasada Rao 468-470
Efficient Image Annotation Process Using Tag Ranking Scheme PDF [Full Text]
T.Siri Chandana, M.Anil kumar 471-473
Privacy Policy Detection To Preserve The Confidentiality Of Shared Content In Social Media PDF [Full Text]
Veeramala Devi, K.Naga B hargavi 474-476
A different approach for improved Privacy of User Data and Images on Content Sharing Sites using(A3P) PDF [Full Text]
Kotcharla Siva Sankar Babu, B.Sandhya Rani 477-480
A Systematic Puzzle Approach of Deploying Software For Restricting Dos & DDOS Attacks PDF [Full Text]
Gelli Naga Venkata Vinay Kumar, Md. Amanatulla 481-484
Fault Localization Scheme Constructed Using The Header Space Framework PDF [Full Text]
K. Satyaeswaridevi, Sk. Ahmadshah 485-488
A New Approach to NCL Selection In DTNS Based On a Probabilistic Selection Metric PDF [Full Text]
P.Durga Bhavani, Ramu Vikrtui 489-492
Analysis Of Reranking Techniques For Web Image Search With Attribute –Assisted PDF [Full Text]
Kiranmai Madireddi, P.Lakshmana Rao, Sayeed Yasin 493-496
A Novel Approach For Using Multi-Keyword Ranked Search Scheme Over Encrypted in Secure And Dynamic Cloud Data PDF [Full Text]
Syed Sadat Ali Alias Abdul Gani, Sayeed Yasin 497-501
Certificate less Effective Key Management Protocol For Secure Communications PDF [Full Text]
K.Sandhya Vineela, S. Jyothirmayee 502-505
Transparent User Authentication Using Biometric Traits for Secure Internet Services PDF [Full Text]
Keerthi Kaja, M.Chandra Sekhar 506-509
A Novel Approach For Improve Reliability Using Secure Distributed De-duplication System In Cloud PDF [Full Text]
Shaik Mahammad Irfan, Md. Amanatulla 510-514
Key-Aggregate Model Search for Group Data Sharing Using Patient-Controlled Encryption In Cloud PDF [Full Text]
Md. Hafijunnisa, G. Minni, Sayeed Yasin 515-519
Data Recovery and Integrity Checking By Proxy In Cloud PDF [Full Text]
S.Sowmya Sirisha, R.S rinivas 520-523

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