Vol 5, No 5 (2017)


Table of Contents


Efficient User Revocation Technique for Data Forwarding In Untrusted Cloud PDF [Full Text]
A.Krishna Veni, C.Subash Chandra 400-403
A Categorized Multiuser Data Share Environment In A Mobile Cloud Computing Model PDF [Full Text]
G. Subramanyam, T.Naga Raju 404-407
An Exploration Approach To Progress The Rank Privacy In Data Collection PDF [Full Text]
I.Rama Swarupa, S. Sreenivas 408-411
Multi-Cloud System For Multimedia Content Protection PDF [Full Text]
D. Thanusha, K.Vijay Kumar 412-414
A Distributed Clone Detection Protocol Considering Clone Detection Probability, Network Lifetime and Data Buffer Storage PDF [Full Text]
S.Mani Karthik, P.Rama Krishna 415-418
A Fast Bootstrapping Algorithm To Recreate The Initial Set Of Paths PDF [Full Text]
K.Ramya Sai Sowjanya, Ch. Subhash 419-421
Social Behavioural Profiles In Characteristic Different OSN Users PDF [Full Text]
Amulya P., K.C. Pradeep 422-425
Ensuring The Integrity And Non-Transferability Of The STP Proofs PDF [Full Text]
P.S.M. Sampath, T.Rajendra Prasad 426-429
A Distributed Opportunistic Routing Policy With Congestion Diversity PDF [Full Text]
V. Vasu, D. Vijaya Kumari 430-433
A Tangible Structure To Comprehend Circuits Cipher text-Policy Based Hybrid Encryption With Verifiable Delegation (VD-CPABE) PDF [Full Text]
D. Shravani, J.Bala Ambedkar 434-437
Secure Cloud Email System On Privacy Protocol And Identity-Based Encryption PDF [Full Text]
O. Parvathi, J.Bala Ambedkar 438-441
A Novel Approach To Recognize Malicious Application In Face Book- FRAppE PDF [Full Text]
Krishnaveni Shanmuga balu, T.Naga Raju 442-445
An Suitable Minimum Utility Threshold By Trial And Error Is A Tedious Process For Users PDF [Full Text]
K. Raghu Naga Dhareswararao, T. Kishore 446-448
Dynamic PoS and Secure Cross-User De-duplication PDF [Full Text]
M. Mounika, B. Maha Lakshmi 449-451
CP-ABE Scheme With User Revocation For Cloud Storage System PDF [Full Text]
K. RamaKrishna, Ch. Subhash 452-455
Fast Keyword Search Assumption In The Random Oracle (RO) Model PDF [Full Text]
M.Arnica Blessey, Sk. Ahmad Shah 456-459
A Novel Attack Methods For Inferring On Certain Url’s On Twitter PDF [Full Text]
M.V.D.Siva Chaitanya Kumar, D.Anil Kumar 460-462
Latest Advancements and Future Patterns in Wireless Sensor Networks PDF [Full Text]
Inam Ullah Khan, Alamgir Safi, Shaheen Ahmad, Nazia Azim, Syed Bilal Hussain Shah, Yin Fuliang 463-466
Anomaly Detection on Firewall Logs from Multifold System Based on Email Classification PDF [Full Text]
Pothuru Alekhya 467-470
The Trust and Reputation Systems towards Data for Cloud and Wireless Sensor Networks Integrity PDF [Full Text]
Sudanagunta Venkata Prathyusha, N Mahesh 471-477
Hybrid Source Based Transformer Coupled Bidirectional Dc-Dc Converter for Domestic Applications PDF [Full Text]
P Anesh Kumar, B Ramesh 478-485
Predictive Query Indexing for Ambiguous Moving Objects in Uncertain Data Mining PDF [Full Text]
Gowri SreeLakshmi Neeli, Kesavarao Seerapu 486-494
Mitigation of Non Linear Induced Harmonics In Grid Using Droop Controlled PV Based DG Shunt APF PDF [Full Text]
U V S R Harisha, G.V Ram Mohan 495-501
Dc Link Voltage Control For Node Interface in 3-Phase Grid Tied Solar PVS using Adaptive Fuzzy PDF [Full Text]
Chitikena Sudhesh Kumar, Y.Srinivasa Rao 502-511
Enhanced Overlay routing With Efficient Key Distribution in Network PDF [Full Text]
Subhash Chintalapudi, Kanchapu. Satya Pavani 512-514
A Novel Scheme For Profit Minimization And Resource Distribution To Clients In Cloud PDF [Full Text]
Mounika .S, R.V.S. Lalitha 515-517
A Double-Quality-Guaranteed (DQG) Renting Scheme For Service Providers PDF [Full Text]
Pathi V Venkata Sivannarayana, B Srinivas 518-520
New DC Voltage Balancing Technique for High Power Multilevel Converter PDF [Full Text]
E Surya Narayana, G Venkateswara Rao 521-527
New Multilevel Inverter D-STATCOM Topology To Compensate Reactive And Nonlinear Loads PDF [Full Text]
Kollu Suresh Kumar, J Ramesh 528-533
Damping Power System Oscillations Controlled By Using STATCOM PDF [Full Text]
P Sri Rama Ganesh, G Venkateswara Rao 534-540
New Hybrid Active Filter Topology for Harmonic Resonance Suppression PDF [Full Text]
Rayudu Venugopal, B Ramesh 541-547
Low Frequency Modular Multilevel Converter Topology for Improved Dynamic Performance of Variable-Speed AC Drives PDF [Full Text]
N Bhargavi Prasanna, K N S K Santhosh 548-555
Design And Implementation of Modular Multilevel Inverter With Reduced Number Of Components PDF [Full Text]
B Satya Satya, G V Ram Mohan 556-562
Control of a Three-Phase DC-AC Converter With an Unbalanced AC Source PDF [Full Text]
Meleti Sobhana Satish kumar, G Venkateswara Rao 563-572
Detailed Analysis On Security And Performance Of Anonycontrol and Anonycontrol-F PDF [Full Text]
G.Raghu Rama Raju, B.Arun Kumar 573-575

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