Vol 5, No 7 (2017)


Table of Contents


Balancing the Computation-Intensive Function and User Privacy Disclosure at Different Security Levels PDF [Full Text]
Varrey Dedipya, Mounica Bandaru 741-745
A Secure Off-Line MICO Payment Approach Using Multiple Physical Unclonable Functions PDF [Full Text]
Mounica Nethala, G.P Madhuri 746-750
A Multi User Data Share For Data Privacy and Defend Un-authorized Access PDF [Full Text]
Konakalla Vishnu Priyanka, Vakkalagadda Rajesh Babu 751-754
A Matrix Framework Factorization on a Sentiment Based Rating Prediction Method tackles Cyber bullying Detection PDF [Full Text]
Shiny Prathyusha Kambham, G.P Madhuri 755-758
Privacy Protection Data and Batch Auditing Through Public Auditing Scheme PDF [Full Text]
Amiripalli Naga Vamsi Krishna, P. Bala Krishna Prasad 759-762
Crawling Objects From An LBS Website Through Public KNN Web Search Interface Auditing Scheme PDF [Full Text]
Ganji Aarathi, G.Guru Kesava Das 763-766
Multi Scale Index For Exact And Appropriate NKS Query Processing PDF [Full Text]
Sanam Himabindu Naga Durga, T. Padmaja 767-770
A New Key Issuing Protocol To Resolve Key Escrow Problem PDF [Full Text]
Kokiripati Sai lakshmi, Kasani Vaddikasulu 771-774
CRA - Aided Authentication for a Large Amount Of Various Cloud Services PDF [Full Text]
A. Anuradha, A. Mohana Rao 775-777
Enabling the Fusion Of Local Sensitivity And Low Rank Factorization To Mitigate The Risk Of Over Fitting PDF [Full Text]
A. Anuradha, A.V.V. Satish 778-780
To Improve The Inference Capability Using Traces From WSN Deployments PDF [Full Text]
A. Anuradha, B.Lakshmi Durga 781-784
The Revocation Mechanism Of A Be Scheme Into Asymmetric GKA PDF [Full Text]
A. Anuradha, B.Sai Chandu 785-788
Key Distribution And Privacy Preserving In An Access Controlled Cloud Computing PDF [Full Text]
A. Anuradha, Ch. Karthik 789-792
Path Planning By Caching To Avoid Shortest Path Computation PDF [Full Text]
A. Anuradha, D. Kumar Sai Ganesh 793-796
An Optimal Combination of Diverse Distance Metrics On Multiple Modalities PDF [ Full Text]
A. Anuradha, D. Priyanka 797-799
An Access Control Scheme for The WBNS Using Sign Signcryption PDF [Full Text]
A. Anuradha, A. Sravani 800-802
Node Failure Detection And Fault Management In Mobile Wireless Networks With Persistent Connectivity PDF [Full Text]
A. Anuradha, G. Venkatesh 803-805
Open API Service To Generate CDA Documents Based On Cloud Computing PDF [Full Text]
A. Anuradha, K. Issack Babu 806-808
Improving Accuracy of Named Entity Recognition on Social Media PDF [Full Text]
Bongi Vijay, D.T.V Dharmajee Rao 809-814
The Enriched Object Oriented Software processes for Software Fault Prediction PDF [Full Text]
T Ravi Kumar, T Srinivasa Rao 815-821
An Advanced Control Strategy for an IPM Synchronous Generator Based Wind Turbine PDF [Full Text]
Sunkara Naga Satya Hari Prasad, J Ramesh 822-826
Micro-blogging attributes to Latent Feature Representation for Product Recommendations PDF [Full Text]
Kollimarla Sravanthi, K Sheeba Rani 827-829
Study On Strength Development Of Concrete With Partial Replacement Of Silica Fume & Fly ash PDF [Full Text]
P. Nageswara Rao, G. Klayan 830-838
Low Latency Mac Design For Low Power DSP Applications PDF [Full Text]
Kadali Swathi, M Srihari 840-844
Design And Implementation Of Efficient Multiplier Using Vedic Sutras PDF [Full Text]
Theppala Devi, Perabathula Satyavani 845-850
Efficient LUT Based Filter Design Using Approximate Algorithm PDF [Full Text]
Bathina Rajeswari, G S S Prasada Rao 851-855
Low Complex And Reconfigurable Fir Filter Using Low Power Architecture PDF [Full Text]
Medisetti Mahalakshmi, P Naga Raju 856-860

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