Vol 5, No 8 (2017)


Table of Contents


Designing Semantics Dropout Noise And Enforcing Sparsity PDF [Full Text]
G.V. Chakradhar, V Swamy Naidu, M. Veerabhadra Rao 861-863
Empirical Evaluations On Real And Synthetic Datasets State Of The Art Utility Mining Algorithms PDF [Full Text]
D.Vijaya Lakshmi, G Tatayyanaidu, M. Veerabhadra Rao 864-866
A New Array Search On Encrypted Spatial Records PDF [Full Text]
M Lakshmi Parvathi, P Padmaja, M. Veerabhadra Rao 867-869
The Protected Optimization Totaling Outsourcing In A Case Study Of Linear Programming PDF [Full Text]
M Yuva Surya Rani, G. Krupa Havilah, M. Veerabhadra Rao 870-872
A Versatile Cryptographic Primitive to Protect Group Communications and Computation Platforms PDF [Full Text]
Nagendra Rasamsetti, Veerendra Bethineedi 873-875
A New Secure Indexing Technique for Privacy-Preserving Keyword Search PDF [Full Text]
B. Ramprasad, P.Arun Patnayik 876-880
A Support framework To Enable the Nodes to Adapt Their Routing Strategies PDF [Full Text]
D. Madhavi Latha, K.N.S.L. Kumar 881-883
Efficient Ranking and Clustering Approach for Bug Fixing In Software Projects PDF [Full Text]
Durga Doddipatla, Ch. Subhash 884-886
A New Adaptive Namespace Administration For Ultra Big Storage Systems PDF [Full Text]
T.V.D .Bhaskar, V.Prem Kumar 887-889
Spatial Temporal Provenance For Generating Location Proofs In Distributed Setting PDF [Full Text]
M.Lakshmi Sravani, S V Krishna Reddy 890-892
Online Prediction Mechanism For Personalizing A Query For User Privacy PDF [Full Text]
Chiranjeevi Garapati, R. Srinivasa Raju 893-896
A Routing Framework for Video Traffic in Wireless Multihop Network PDF [Full Text]
A.K.G. Dhana Lakshmi, T Sivarama Krishna 897-902
Causative Broadcast Encryption for Short Cipher Text PDF [Full Text]
D Reshma, A Subhadra 903-907
Image Retrieval System for Online Multi Model Matric Learning PDF [Full Text]
G Lakshmi, N Sushma 908-912
A Supervised Filter Based Feature Selection Algorithm For Intrusion Detection-FMIFS PDF [Full Text]
D.S.S. Madhuri, R. Anusha 913-916
Imparting a Quality Service and Traffic analysis for Monitoring Information in Mobile Wireless Networks PDF [Full Text]
Raghupatruni Manikanteswara Rao, M Dhanalaxmi 917-922
Multilevel Components to Improve Factor Revocability And Data Security Protection In Cloud PDF [Full Text]
V.Siva Krishna Veni 923-927

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