Vol 6, No 3 (2018)


Table of Contents


A Hybrid Multilevel Inverter DSTATCOM Topology to Compensate Reactive Power for Nonlinear Loads PDF [Full Text]
Duggirala Ajay Kumar, M Ramesh 064-068
Enhanced aggregate signature scheme for secure data verification in wireless sensor network PDF [Full Text]
Rentala Mounika, Nadella Sunil 069-072
Passmatrix: efficient authentication mechanism to protect user data PDF [Full Text]
M Laxmi Usha, P Radhika Krupalini 073-075
Efficient overlaynodes selection for data transmission through multipath in network PDF [Full Text]
Damisetty Bhagya Tulasi, V. Aditya Ramalingeswararao 076-079
Elimination of deduplication and reduce communication overhead in cloud PDF [Full Text]
Pantham Naveen Kumar, Nadella. Sunil 080-083
Efficient clustering and document retrival by query keywords PDF [Full Text]
Pendyala Santhosh Krishna, Nadella Sunil 084-087
Efficient verification of trustiness and authentication of query answers in cloud PDF [Full Text]
Ch Mamatha Devi, V. Aditya Ramalingeswar Rao 088-090
Efficient enhanced keyword search for encrypted document in cloud PDF [Full Text]
Bandaru Akhila, N. Aditya Ramalingeswararao 091-094
Improve the Performance of Cluster Head and Network Life time Using Fuzzy Logic PDF [Full Text]
Adabala Krishna Prathyusha, V. Aditya Ramalingeswar Rao 095-098
A Novel Mechanism for Multipath Routing in MANET PDF [Full Text]
Yakkali Venkateswara Gupta, Nadella Sunil 099-102
Improve query response time and reduce CPU cost in web search PDF [Full Text]
N Devi, P.Radhika Krupalini 103-105
Efficient evaluation of range queries over spatial data by clients PDF [Full Text]
Pilli Satya Veni, Nadella. Sunil 106-108
A New Enhanced Technique for Identify Node Failure With Optimal Path In Network PDF [Full Text]
Nokku Asha Jyothi, Nadella Sunil 109-112
Preventing DDOS Attack by Dynamic Path Identifiers In Internet PDF [Full Text]
Ananth Teja, V.Aditya Ramalingeswararao 113-117
Efficient Query Processing For Integrity and Privacy Validation In WSN PDF [Full Text]
N Mounika, Nadella Sunil 118-121
Efficient User-Question Mapping Technique For Relevant Answer Retrieval PDF [Full Text]
K Sri Vijaya, P. Radhika Krupalini 122-125
Efficient and Secure Routing In Network Layer For MANET PDF [Full Text]
Lona Samuel James, P.Radhika Krupalini 126-129
Infer The Relevance Of Key Factors Over Twitter Trending Topics PDF [Full Text]
T sudharjini, Nadella. Sunil 130-133
Efficient Database Outsource to Twin Cloud With Security and Privacy PDF [Full Text]
P Ammeswararao, V. Aditya Ramalingeswar Rao 134-137

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