Vol 6, No 12 (2018)


Table of Contents


A new aggregate signature scheme for secure data verification in WSN PDF [Full Text]
P Vinodkumar, S Srinivas 376-379
A new distributed storage evaluating with irrefutable outsourcing of key upgrades PDF [Full Text]
ch Durga Sirisha, M V V Nagini, G Tatayyanaidu 380-382
A new advanced query response time and reduce CPU cost in web search PDF [Full Text]
Nalla Satya Anusha, V Swamy Naidu, G Tatayyanaidu 383-385
A unified two level online learning scheme to optimizer a distance metric PDF [Full Text]
Ravanam Sri Anusha Devi, G K Havilah, G Tatayyanaidu 386-388
A new privacy policy mechanisim for user images in content sharing places PDF [Full Text]
Androthu RamaRao, P Padmaja, G Tatayyanaidu 389-391
Enhanced Secure Dissemination with DIP and Data Discovery protocol in Wireless Sensor Networks PDF [Full Text]
B. Manikumar, Kesavarao Seerapu 392-398
A new Analysis of Preventing DDOS attack by dynamic path identifiers in internet PDF [Full Text]
Puli Shesha Rao, D Srinivas 399-402
Efficient Conjunctive Cooperative Routing Schemes In Divergent Sensor Networks PDF [Full Text]
Marthi Anil Kumar, K.V.Samba Siva Rao 403-405
Study on Methods and Estimation of Location Aware Keyword Query Suggestion PDF [Full Text]
Kattu Sujatha, J BalaAmbedkar 406-409
The Secured Cloud Storage with Efficient Key Generation in cloud computing PDF [Full Text]
K Surya Kranthi, Kakarla Ravi kumar 410-415
Efficient revocation and Data Retrieval in Cloud Storage using CP-ABE PDF [Full Text]
Ch Amrutha, S V krishna Reddy 416-423

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