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Shaik, Azaruddin
Shaik, Khaleelullah .
Shailaja, K.
Shameer, Md.
Shammi, Sk.
Shanmuga balu, Krishnaveni
Shanmugapriyan, S., M.E Applied Electronics K.S.Rangasamy College of Technology Thiruchengode, Tamil Nadu, India e-mail:
Shanmukh Varma, Buddharaju
Shanmukha Sriram, S
Shareef, Sk.Meera
Shariff, Sheik Mahaboob
shariff, Vahiduddin
Sharma, Anu
Sharma, Dr.N.S. Murthy
Sharma, Kanika
Sharma, Preeti U., KJ Institute’s Trinity Institsute of Management and Research, Abstract- In this study researcher has find out the customer response for the banded and imitated product in the market. It also provides the customer reaction towards the imitated products and the image of the branded products. Researcher also gave the effect of the imitated product on customers and its respective brand. The image of store depends on existence and nonexistence of the imitated brand. According to the author the customer buys the branded product and not the imitated product. As we know manufacturer and producer invest on the R&D for a particular product and the imitators use that readymade information making copy of the product and selling in cheap rate and make their profit where the main investors incurred a huge losses and demotivate the employer, manufacturer, and producer. But at the same time it provides the similar product to the customer in low rate. But this similar product may not have up to the mark quality. Keywords: Customer preference, brand imitation, brand piracy, brand counterfeiting, branded products. I. INTRODUCTION As the competition is increasing, brand imitation or piracy is the one of the major problem for brand leaders. In the process of Brand imitation is imitators copies the special attributes of the leading brand such Pune, India University of Pune
Sharma, Rajesh Kumar
Shesha Rao, Puli
Shidnal, Sushila, Assistant Professor SMVIT Bangalore
Shiva, Thulluri
Shravani, D.
Shravya, E. Lakshmi
Silwal, Sushmita
Sinddhuri, Polumahanti
Sindhuja, K.

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