Secured Framework for Data Outsourcing using ABE in Cloud Computing

V Sri Ramya, A.P.V.D.L A.P.V.D.L. Kumar


Cloud has been around for two decades and it comprises of the tremendous measure of data from everywhere throughout the world. The vast majority of the general population at an individual level and association level have moved their data to the cloud and share data over all around the globe. The fundamental test looked by everybody is to share the data everywhere throughout the world or at hierarchical level safely without giving endlessly the essential data to any exploiters. To beat the test to share the data safely finished the cloud, a productive data encryption calculation for scrambling data before sending it to the cloud. In this proposed we are utilizing a mix of Attribute-Based Encryption Algorithm for scrambling the data previously sending it to the cloud. This will push the client to safely store and share the data in encoded shape. Additionally we utilize the AES (Advance Standard Encryption) calculation for data encryption and decryption reason.


Attribute-Based Access; Access Control. Mobile Cloud Computing.


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