Vol 6, No 5 (2018)


Table of Contents


Current Control of Three Phase Grid – Connected PV Inverter Using Fuzzy Logic Controller PDF [Full Text]
P Sai Manikanta, K Venkata Ramana 153-160
A New Control Strategy For Cascaded H-Bridge Multilevel PV Inverter With Distributed MPPT For Grid Connected Applications PDF [Full Text]
Nagulapalli Trimurthulu, M Sudheer Kumar 161-168
Emerging Session Management and Secured User Access Control for Internet services PDF [Full Text]
Konduru Sandeep, M Murali Krishna 175-179
Enhanced Arbitrary Topology for Efficient Encryption Using Short Cipher texts PDF [Full Text]
Bora Narsunaidu, Dr. Rjendra Kumar Ganiya 180-184
Power Quality Enhancement In DG Based Micro grid Using UPQC PDF [Full Text]
M Jyothi, G Kamesh 185-189
Power Optimized CNN Based CAM Using Clock Gating Techniques PDF [Full Text]
K. SaiLakshmi, K.Siva Nagendra 190-192
Adaptive Control Strategy of Active Power Filter for Harmonic Compensation of Non Linear Loads PDF [Full Text]
P Sri Kavitha, B Subba Reddy 193-197
A New Double Security And Protection Schemes In Cloud Storage PDF [Full Text]
Sk. Shammi, T. Naga Raju 198-201
Efficient Mechanism For Privacy And Improve The Quality Answers In Q&A Systems PDF [Full Text]
N. Bala Subrahmanyam, D. Srinivas 202-205
Accessible Method for Content-Based Image Retrieval In Peer To- Peer Networks PDF [Full Text]
Dandangi Ravi, P Padmaja, M. Veerabhadra Rao 206-209
Identifying Node Falls In Mobile Wireless Networks: A Probabilistic Method PDF [Full Text]
Talla Soni Priya, P Padmaja, M. Veerabhadra Rao 210-212
Cryptographic Primitive to Enable a User to Check And Update Integrity Of Outsourced Files In a Cloud Server PDF [Full Text]
Chavala Naga Lakshmi Geetha, V S Naidu, M. Veerabhadra Rao 213-216
A Novel Multi Scale Index for Exact and Approximate NKS Query Processing PDF [Full Text]
Petta Susmita, K V V Ramana, M. Veerabhadra Rao 217-220
Characterization Of Epoxy Composites Reinforced With Short Palmyra Fibers PDF [Full Text]
Shikha Karuna Kumar, P.Satish Reddy, N.Guru Murthy, M Babji 221-225
Detection of Delamination in A Composite Beam By Using Vibration Analysis PDF [Full Text]
Sarat Chandra Yanapu, P.Satish Reddy, N.Guru Murthy, M Babji 226-229
A New Accountable Data Transfer Protocol In Malicious Environments PDF [Full Text]
Guthula Akhil, Veera Raju Ryali 230-233
An Efficient Separation of Users And Improve Access Permissions to Protect User Identity In Cloud PDF [Full Text]
Meka Sayiram, Subhash Chintalapudi 234-237
New Hybrid Active Filter Topology With Variable Conductance For Reduced Harmonic Distortion PDF [Full Text]
P Satya Sri, P Govinda Raju 169-174
A Secure Data Transmission Using Efficient Aggregate Signature Scheme to Verify Data in Wireless Sensor N/W PDF [Full Text]
Ganti Dinesh Kumar, G K Havilah, M. Veerabhadra Rao 238-240
A Novel Estimation of Range Queries over Spatial information by Users PDF [Full Text]
Kalagata Venkataramana, K V V Ramana, M. Veerabhadra Rao 241-243
A New Semantic Correlation Among Data Sets to Reduce Processing Latency PDF [Full Text]
Bhadri Sri Surya Aruna 244-247
A Concrete Construction of RS IBF In Defined Security Model PDF [Full Text]
Donga Mounika, M Vinaya Nagini, M. Veerabhadra Rao 248-251
Providing High Quality Answers For Users Posted Questions Using Question-User Mapping In Q&A Websites PDF [Full Text]
Nimana S V Raja, V Swamy Naidu, M. Veerabhadra Rao 252-255
Efficient Secure Framework For Providing Security In n/w Layer For MANET PDF [Full Text]
Jagadam Lovaraju 256-259
An Inverted Index Structure for the Social Image Dataset To Accelerate the Searching Process PDF [Full Text]
Gosangi Swathi, M Vinaya Nagini, M. Veerabhadra Rao 260-262
Online Social Voting Techniques in Social Networks Used for Distinctive Feedback in Recommendation Systems PDF [Full Text]
G.N.P.S Kranthi, B.V Ram Kumar 263-268
Secured Framework for Data Outsourcing using ABE in Cloud Computing PDF [Full Text]
V Sri Ramya, A.P.V.D.L A.P.V.D.L. Kumar 269-275
A Multi-Level access control scheme towards software as a service in cloud computing PDF [Full Text]
M Suneetha, G Vijaya Kumari 276-282
A Progressive Technique for Duplicate Detection Evaluating Multiple Data Using Genetic Algorithm with Real World Objects PDF [Full Text]
K. Sai Mallikarjuna, N N. Sushma 283-288
A New Search Recommendation for automatically Mining Query Facets PDF [Full Text]
V. Neelima, T. Veeraju 289-292

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