Study on Remote File Attacking – Inclusion & Detection

Bhawna Sinha, Dr. D. K. Singh, Dr. Pankaj Kumar


Presently applications of web are increasing exponentially. We are almost totally dependent on Internet and associated technologies. Huge applications in all walk of lives are inviting attacks on them. Their usage are under constant by hackers that exploit their vulnerabilities to disrupt business and access confidential information. SQL Injection and Remote File Inclusion are the two most frequently used exploits and hackers prefer easier rather than complicated attack techniques. RFI is an overlooked menace. RFI attacks are more widespread than most assume. RFI attacks are today's most common security threat, accounting for more than 25% of all malicious sessions, far surpassing XSS (12%) and even exceeding SQLIs (23%). RFI uses the weakness of PHP language which in today’s world is the most widely used.


Security, Exploit, Vulnerability, RFI, Attack, File Inclusion


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