Performance Improvement of IUPQC in Distribution System under Abnormal Conditions Using FLC

E Durga Prasad, Sheik Mahaboob Shariff, N.Rama Surya Rao


This paper proposes a new connection for aInterline Unified Power Quality Conditioner (IUPQC)to improve the power quality of two feeders in adistribution system. An IUPQC consists of a seriesvoltage-source converter (VSC) and a shunt VSC bothjoined together by a common dc bus which is placed inbetween two different independent feeders to regulatethe bus voltage of one of the feeders while regulating thevoltage across a sensitive load in the other feeder. In theearlier case IUPQC is operated with VSC’s withProportional plus Integral (PI) controller to mitigateharmonics& sags. The structure, control and capabilityof the IUPQC with Fuzzy Logic Controller (FLC) atFaults & Swells are discussed in this paper. Theefficiency of the proposed configuration has beenverified & compared with PI configuration throughsimulation studies using MATLAB/SIMULINK.


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