Vol 2, No 11 (2014)


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Effective Data Hiding Method Through Pixel Pair Matching PDF [Full Text]
N. Arjun, Ch. Sridevi, V.Dhana Raj, A. Praveen 657-660
Restrain On Social Networks From Conjecture Attacks PDF [Full Text]
K Gowtham Kumar, P Eswaraiah 661-662
Reduced On_Chip Codeword Generation For Cross Talk Effect In Data Transmission Bus PDF[FULL TEXT]
S Venkataramana, N.G.N Prasad 663-665
A Reconfigurable Low Power FPGA Design with Autonomous Power Gating and LEDR Encoding PDF[FULL TEXT]
K Raghuram, Dhana Lakshmi Yarkaredy 666-668
Power Quality Enhancement of Grid interconnected wind energy system with 4-Leg Inverter PDF[FULL TEXT]
P balaji, B Venkateswarlu, V Haribabu 669-674
A Noval Converter For Integrated Wind – Pv Energy System PDF[FULL TEXT]
A Devika Bala, T Subash chowdary, D Srilatha 675-679
Co-ordinate Control for Fuel Cell And Photovoltaic Cell PDF [Full Text]
Gurram Nookaraju, S. Gangadharan, B. Subbareddy 680-684
Dynamic Performance Improvement Of Induction Motor Using Radr Controller PDF[FULL TEXT]
P Raja, SK Meera shareef 685-689
A Novel Three-Port Converters For Solar Power System PDF[FULL TEXT]
B Surendra, B Srinivasulu, SK Meera shareef 690-695
Modelling And Simulation Of Lossless Damping Reduction By Vector Controlled Ac Motor Drive With An Efficient Lc Filter PDF [Full Text]
A Anusha, O.V.S. Srinivasa Prasad 696-705
A PWM Controlled IGBT based VSCS with a Battery Energy Storage System for an Isolated Wind-Hydro Hybrid System Using Cage Generators PDF [Full Text]
D. Narendra, N.V.A Ravi Kumar 706-711
Performance Improvement of IUPQC in Distribution System under Abnormal Conditions Using FLC PDF [Full Text]
E Durga Prasad, Sheik Mahaboob Shariff, N.Rama Surya Rao 712-719
Application of Integrated Interface Schema (LIS) Over Multiple WDBS To Enhance Data Unit Annotation PDF[FULL TEXT]
M Vamsikrishna, G G.Parameswarakumar 720-724
Mobile Ad Hoc Networks Authentication Using Npv Method PDF[FULL TEXT]
M Vamsi Krishna, S Geetha 725-728
A New Approach for Node Replica Detection in WSN PDF[FULL TEXT]
M Vamsi Krishna, T ravi kumar 729-732
Security Analysis And Perform Extensive Simulations To Demonstrate The Efficiency Of Mona For Data Sharing In The Cloud PDF[FULL TEXT]
M Vamsi Krishna, K V.V.S.Narayana Murthy, T Satya swaroop 733-736
To Provide A Privacy Preserving Auditing Protocol In Cloud Computing Using Tpa PDF[FULL TEXT]
M Vamsi Krishna, V Sailaja, K V.V.S.Narayana Murthy 737-741
Method To Prevent Re-Identification Of Individual Nodes By Combining K-Degree Anonymity With L-Diversity PDF[FULL TEXT]
M Vamsi Krishna, K V.V.S.Narayana Murthy 742-745
A Security Measure That Quantify The Anonymity Of Different Systems PDF[FULL TEXT]
M Vamsi Krishna, Yalla Satyasudheer 746-749
The Process to disable ADHOC wireless sensor networks by depleting power using routing protocols PDF[FULL TEXT]
N Santoshi Lakshmi, M V.V.S.Narayana Murthy 750-754
Privacy and Classification Of Analyzed Data Using EMD PDF[FULL TEXT]
T Sravya, G Appa Rao 755-758
Percolate And M Supremacy User Walls By Using Pfw PDF[FULL TEXT]
anush chaitanya katikitala, madhavi katamaneni 759-762
Design and Analysis of Progressive Die for Chain Link Plate PDF [Full Text]
Md Inaithul Rehaman, P Satish Reddy, Matta Manoj, N.Guru Murthy 763-768
Biodiesel Production By Using Native Micro Algae From Food Processing Wastewater In Shake Flask Cultures PDF [Full Text]
D. Sreekanth, P.Manikya Reddy, V.Kamakshi Himabindu 769-782
Bioremediation Of Dairy Wastewater Using Microalgae For The Production Of Biodiesel PDF [Full Text]
D. Sreekanth, K. Pooja, Y. Seeta, V. Himabindu, P.Manikya Reddy 783-791
Enhanced Protocol for data exchange through Natural Wireless Ad Hoc Networks PDF[FULL TEXT]
M Vamsi Krishna, R.Satya Ravindra Babu 792-795
To Provide A Classification Mechanism To Avoid Useless Data From Osn Walls PDF[FULL TEXT]
M Vamsikrishna, N Madhurisha 796-800
A New Extensible Key Exchange Scheme For Wireless Sensor Networks PDF[FULL TEXT]
B Kalpana, N Siva Rama Krishna 801-805
Low-Error and High-Throughput Discrete Cosine Transform (DCT) Design PDF[FULL TEXT]
Sadiq Ali Mohammad, Sumanth K 806-810
Securing Manets By Using An Intrusion Detection System (Eaack) PDF[FULL TEXT]
M Vamsi Krishna, D Jaya Prakash 811-814
Seculation Routing With Fortification Wireless Networks PDF[FULL TEXT]
Tikka Pallam Raju, B S N Murthy 815-817
Unique value disintegration for probing results using clustering algorithm PDF[FULL TEXT]
Sushuma Narkedamilli, B S N Murthy 818-822
Accelerometer Based Vehicle Monitoring And Tracking System Using ARM Processor And GPS PDF [Full Text]
B. Praveen kumar, V. Anuragh, NLP Raju 823-828
Closed Loop Fuzzy Logic Control of High Voltage Gain Interleaved Boost Converter fed 3-ϕ BLDC Motor Drive PDF [Full Text]
Tarun Kumar. Mallemoggala, Rama Kumar.M.S, Bala Murali Krishna.V 829-834
Design and Implementation of Unsigned Multiplier Using COSA PDF [Full Text]
S.Varaprasad Babu, T.Babu Rao 835-840
Secure Gratified Allocation with Uncontrived System in Adhoc Networks PDF[FULL TEXT]
Sudhakar CH, Varada Rajkumar K 841-845
A High speed Vedic Multiplier using Different Compressors PDF[FULL TEXT]
Devi Sasikala D, Nagaraju NV 846-851
Easing Operative User Steering through Website Construction Development PDF[FULL TEXT]
R Konda Reddy, Balakrishna Konduru 852-855
Rtl Desing And Vlsi Implementation Of An Efficient Convolution Encoder And Adaptive Viterbi Decoder PDF[FULL TEXT]
Eleesha THALAKAYALA, V.G Pavan Kumar 856-860
Disk Resident Taxonomy Mining for Large Temporal Datasets PDF [Full Text]
P.Lakshmi Bhanu, N. Leelavathy, G.Satya Suneetha 861-868
An FPGA Implementation Of Real-Time Finger-Vein Recognition System For Security Levels PDF [Full Text]
Durga Veera Prasad V, A Arunkumar Gudivada 869-875

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