A PWM Controlled IGBT based VSCS with a Battery Energy Storage System for an Isolated Wind-Hydro Hybrid System Using Cage Generators

D. Narendra, N.V.A Ravi Kumar


This paper presents a Pulse WidthModulation (PWM) controlled Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor (IGBT) based Voltage SourceConverters (VSCs) with a battery energy storagesystem (BESS) for an isolated wind-hydro hybridsystem using two squirrel cage induction generators(SCIG) or simply two cage generators, one driven bya variable speed wind turbine and another driven bya constant power hydro turbine. The proposed systemhas a battery energy storage system (BESS) at themiddle of two back –to-back connected pulse widthmodulation (PWM) controlled insulated-gate-bipolar–transistor (IGBT) based voltage source converters(VSCs).The main objectives of the control algorithmfor the VSCs are to achieve the maximum powerpoint tracking (MPPT) through rotor speed control ofa wind turbine driven SCIG at machine side (orgeneration side) and to control the magnitude andfrequency of the load voltage at load side( or hydropower generation side). The proposed system has afacility to bidirectional real and reactive power flow,by which it controls the magnitude and frequency ofthe load voltage. The control techniques with windhydro
hybrid power is modeled and simulated inMATLAB 2009a environment using Simulink andSim Power System set tool boxes. The proposedsystem studied under various load conditions withdifferent input wind speeds.


Parameter of 37.3-kW 415-V 50-Hz Y-

connected SCIG


: R

=0.09962Ω ,



=0.059 Ω, L



=0.870 mH , L


H , and Inertia=0.4 kg.m


Parameters of 55-kW 415-V 50-Hz, Y-

connected six-pole SCIGw



=0.060 Ω,

Ls=0.690 mH, R


0513Ω, L



=0.0298 H,

and Inertia =1.5 kg.m


Parameters of 55-kW wind turbine: wind

speed range = 5.0-12m/s, speed range =

-82 r/min, I=13.5 kg.m


r = 7.5 m,



=0.04412, and λ



Machine side converter: Active power

(Psw) = 55kW, Reactive power (Qsw)


Load side converter: Reactive power (QL)

= 67.5 kvar, KVA rating =112.5kVA.

RC Filter and AC inductor: R=5.0Ω,

C=5.0µF, L

76 mH.

BESS specifications: C

f =

=43157 F,



=10kΩ, R



=0.2Ω, Voc max = 750V,

Voc min= 680V, Storage = 600 kW.h, L=


PI controllers: K


=15 and K


1:1 Zig Zag Transformer Specifications:


three single phase transformer of 15 kVA

/138 V


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