Closed Loop Fuzzy Logic Control of High Voltage Gain Interleaved Boost Converter fed 3-ϕ BLDC Motor Drive

Tarun Kumar. Mallemoggala, Rama Kumar.M.S, Bala Murali Krishna.V


This paper presents Brush Less DC Motor (BLCDM) driven by an efficient closed loop fuzzy logic based high voltage gain interleaved boost converter. The functioning of the high voltage gain interleaved boost converter proposed in this paper is to boosts an input DC voltage to required DC output voltage.   The   proposed   converter   performs   the inverter operation to drive the BLCDM. For fine tuning the dynamic characteristics of BLDC, such as speed, torque, stator  current  and stator  voltage  an improved closed loop fuzzy logic control method is proposed in this paper. The control technique is modeled and simulated in MATLAB 2009a GUI environment using Simulink and Sim Power System set tool boxes.   Finally the resultant simulation waveforms shows some more accuracy with the proposed closed loop fuzzy logic control technique as compared with conventional PID   control technique. The control techniques are modeled and simulated in MATLAB  2009a  GUI  environment  using  Simulink and Sim Power System set tool boxes.


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