Design Of Conventional Deep Drawing And Hydro Forming Deep Drawing By Finite Element Analysis

B.Nagarjuna Reddy, Sandhi. Raja Sekhar, J Hari Narayana Rao


Deep drawing and hydro forming deep drawing (HDD) are the two conventional methods for production of cylindrical cups. In this paper, various cylindrical work pieces have been produced with various dies radius with different fluids and FEA values of radial & hoop- stresses for increased blank sizes are compared with experimental results. For increasing drawing ratio in the hydro forming deep drawing, pressure chamber must be calculated and exerted properly by varying various viscous fluids. Limited tearing pressure curve have been obtained with finite element simulation. There are several types of deep drawing process, in that hydro-assisted deep drawing process is used. In the hydro-assisted deep drawing process fluid with some velocity in injected between die and punch. Finally comparison of theoretical & FEA radial & axial stresses for various blanks sizes.


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