Vol 3, No 10 (2015)


Table of Contents


To demonstrate overlay routing using BPG routing, TCP improvement, and VOIP applications PDF [Full Text]
P.Vasavika Komali, M. Vamsi Krishna 547-550
A novel DNA encryption technique using efficient key generation method for secure data PDF [Full Text]
Ardhani Siva Sravanthi, S. Sushma 551-555
An Analysis on Differential Query Services in Cost–Efficient Clouds PDF [Full Text]
Shaik Noorjahan, G Minni, Sayeed Yasin 556-561
Enhancing inquiry responsive time to discover spatial items with keywords PDF [Full Text]
P. Manikanta, J. Rajanikanth 562-565
A novel approach to naturally mine equivalent elements from relative questions PDF [Full Text]
Srinu Chinnam, P. Arun Patnaik 566-569
Reducing Cost of Cloud Bandwidth using Prediction-Based System PDF [Full Text]
Rajapudi Durga Devi, G Syam Prasad 570-575
Distributed access control with unknown validation of information stored in clouds PDF [Full Text]
Bande Nagendra Babu, Avinash Potluri 576-579
Design Of Conventional Deep Drawing And Hydro Forming Deep Drawing By Finite Element Analysis PDF [Full Text]
B.Nagarjuna Reddy, Sandhi. Raja Sekhar, J Hari Narayana Rao 580-591
Eco-Physiological Studies On Fox Sagar Lake With Reference To Water Quality PDF [Full Text]
A. Rajani, E.M. Sunitha, T. Sreelakshmi, P. Vaani, O. Sitakumari, K. Shailaja 592-596
Control Of Active And Reactive Power Using Distributed Energy System For Power Generation In Distribution Network PDF [Full Text]
S Swapna Dharma, Shaik Hussain Vali 597-601
An Improved Performance Of Pid And Fuzzy Controller Based Sapf For Wind And Solar Power Generation PDF[FULL TEXT]
T Bhaskara Rao, B Aditya Kumar, K Ramana Babu 602-608
Discovering Closely Related Peers of a Person in Social Networks PDF[FULL TEXT]
Veepuri VS Prasad Raju, D Suneetha 609-616
A New Technique For Authenticating Short Encrypted Messages PDF [Full Text]
M.Vamsi Krishna, V.G.L. Narasamba, N. Veeramani 617-621
Evaluation of LOCX for location-basedsocial applications (LBSAS) while preserving user locationprivacy PDF [Full Text]
M.Vamsi Krishna, Ch. Sandeep 622-625
Legacy Authentication Methods Preventing Key logging Attacks PDF [Full Text]
M.Vamsi Krishna, K. Nagababu 626-629
To Assess Numerous Procedures in combination with a Neural learning plan to semantically classify short texts PDF [Full Text]
Vijya Sai KumarSheela, A. Ramesh, K. Ramesh 630-633
Hop-by-Hop Adaptive linking A Novel Approach for Finest routing PDF [Full Text]
Sunkara Mounika, Md Amanatulla 634-638
Dynamics Of Multi layered Composite Shell With Shape Memory Alloys PDF [Full Text]
B.Venkateswa Rao, I.Vinod Babu, V.V. Subba Rao, J Hari Narayana Rao 639-650
Encounted Malware Using Spyware In Delay Tolerant Network PDF[FULL TEXT]
B Estheramma, G Dayanandam, Dr. T . V. Rao 651-656
A Framework For Protecting The Privacy In Web Search PDF[FULL TEXT]
A.V.S Laxman Kumar, K.C Sreedhar 657-662
Self-Assured Formal Deduplication In FusionCloud Methodology PDF[FULL TEXT]
P Lakshmi Tejaswi, N Srinu 663-667
Smart House Controlling system for Time Critical Appliances Controlling Smart House system with ease Real Time Appliances PDF[FULL TEXT]
M Sunil, S.I Siva Jyothi 668-671
A Newfangled Authentication Protocol Based On Audio Produced Principles PDF[FULL TEXT]
P Suneetha, B Sujatha 672-678
Fortification Support Access Control Manipulate Procedure Intended for Relational Data PDF[FULL TEXT]
Puppala S P K Parameswari, Madhavarao M 679-682
Secure Deduplication Technique for Privilege Data Access Using Hybrid Cloud PDF[FULL TEXT]
Priyanka Vajja, Gopala Krishna J S V 683-685
A Novel Approach For Large-Scale D ata Processing Platform On Peer- To- Peer Based Bestpeer++ PDF [Full Text]
V. Prasanthi, N. Anusha 686-689
Data Access In Disruption Tolerant Networks Using Cooperative Caching PDF [Full Text]
M. Arshi, N. Deepak 690-693
Multicast Routing In MANETS PDF [Full Text]
M. Mounica, Samparthi V S Kumar 694-697
Implementation And Evaluation Of Privacy Preserving Protocol PDF [Full Text]
M.Lakshmi Priyanka, Chaithanyaa Deepthi 698-701
An Effective Secure Authorized Deduplication in Hybrid Cloud PDF [Full Text]
Atchana Venugopal, M.N.Satish Kumar 702-706
The Methodology To Underrate Routing Incursion In Informatics Networks PDF [Full Text]
Gopala Krishna T, Sai M 707-711
Explicit Uncertainty word directing through Data Mining PDF [Full Text]
Anguluri Anil Kumar, Byravarapu Prashant 712-716
Finest Informant Filtering of Malicious Traffic in Intrusion Detection System PDF [Full Text]
Palli Rama Krishna, K Ravi Kumar 717-722
Distributed Manipulation Through Unidentified Data Accumulated In Cloud PDF [Full Text]
G. Ramyadeepika, Sheik Ahmad Shah 723-728
Self-assured Collective Data Transferring in Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks PDF [Full Text]
J Bala Ambedkar, D Srinivas 729-735
A Numerical Model To Predict The Performance Of A Ci Engine Enriched By Hydrogen Fuel And Flow Visualization In The Intake Manifold For Hydrogen Injection Using CFD PDF [Full Text]
G.Bala Krishna Reddy, Sammala. Rajasekhar, A.Venkata Sridhar, Y.Dhana Sekhar 736-750
Design And Material Optimization Of Wind Turbine Blade PDF [Full Text]
D.L.V. Subrahmanyam, Kuppili.Mohan Krishna, Sammala. Rajasekhar, Y.Dhana Sekhar 751-763
Individualized Recommender System Using Keywords With Efficient Similarity Computation Employing Map Reduce PDF [FULL TEXT]
K. Sindhuja, D Srinivas 764-769
A New Effective Subject Extraction for Travel Package Suggestions PDF [Full Text]
Kurapati Kiran Kumar, K Ashok Reddy 770-773
A protection PWS system UPS to sum up profiles as per client security prerequisites PDF [Full Text]
Tadapaneni Sambasivarao, Lukka Srikanth 774-776
Multi-Level Inverter with Facts Capability for Reliable Power Distributions Using Wind Energy as Source PDF[FULL TEXT]
K Durga Prasad, G Venkateswarao 777-784
The cloud Methodology for Reliable approved deduplication PDF[FULL TEXT]
Ravi Raj Kuna, R Chandra sekhar 785-790
Scattered simultaneous and autonomous access to scrambled cloud databases PDF[FULL TEXT]
B Mahalakshmi Rao, K Ravi Kumar 791-796
A novel Fuzzy Based STATCOM Control Scheme for the Grid Connected Wind Energy Generating System PDF[FULL TEXT]
K KotaiahChowdary, P Raghavarani 797-804
Facet Based Estimation Polling From Customer Reviews PDF[FULL TEXT]
M K Subrahmanyam, R.V Satayanarayana 805-811
Protection Tolerate Access Manipulate Procedure for Relational Data PDF [Full Text]
Kartheek Ravula, Uthpala B 812-816
An Adpted Search On Mobile Devices With Shielded Web PDF [Full Text]
Venkata Jyothsna Tatikonda, Mowna SK 817-822
Optimal Clustering approach used for concurrent Probabilistic Graphs PDF [Full Text]
Parimala Sowmya Bodapati, Amarnadh Suragani 823-828

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