Providing Best Quality Of Video Streaming Using AMES Method

harikoti raj venkat, Vahiduddin shariff


In wireless networks(mobile networks) the wireless link capacity cannot be stable with the demand of traffic over the networks. Due to the gap between the traffic demand and the link capacity it results in poor service quality of video streaming over mobile networks. Long buffering time and intermittent disruptions results in poor service quality of video streaming. Hence we propose a new mobile video streaming framework, dubbed AMES-Cloud, which consists of two main parts namely AMoV (adaptive mobile video streaming) and ESoV(efficient social video sharing). To provide efficient video streaming services for each mobile user AMoV and ESoV construct a private agent. AMoV lets her private agent adaptively adjust her streaming flow with scalable video coding technique based on the feedback of link quality. Likewise ESoV lets her private agents to pre-fetch video content in advance and also monitors the social network interactions among mobile users.


Scalable video coding, Adaptive video streaming, Mobile networks, social sharing, Cloud computing


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