Vol 3, No 11 (2015)


Table of Contents


A Three Phase Four Wire Network Based Interleaved High-Frequency Inverter with Single-Reference Eight-Pulse-Modulation Technique for Fuel Cell Vehicle Applications PDF [Full Text]
Mahboob Peera Shaik, M.Bala Subbareddy 829-838
Fuzzy logic controller based DC-Link Voltage Self-Balance Method for Multilevel Converter with less Number of Voltage Sensors PDF [Full Text]
M. Siva Reddy, V. Haribabu, M. Bala Subba Reddy 840-856
Evaluating Cost and Performance Of Adaptive Encryption Architecture for Cloud Database PDF [FULL TEXT]
MD. Rafi Yuddin, Mr. Shah 857-862
Embedded Wireless Data Transfer to Cloud for Agriculture Application based on GPRS PDF[FULL TEXT]
V. Satish Babu, D Srinivas 863-866
Creating Adaptive Web Sites through Usage-Optimal links for user Navigation PDF [FULL TEXT]
Pithani Sri Manikanta, D. Vijayakumari 867-870
A Study on Big Data analysis Environment PDF [Full Text]
Varaprasad. Sabbithi, John Mathew Rapaka 871-877
Challenges and Issues of Data Security in Cloud Computing PDF [Full Text]
Anil Kumar Dudla, Ashok Kote, VijayaRaju Motru 878-882
3d Modeling and Detailing of Silumin Piston With Static Analysis PDF [Full Text]
Kammila V Prudhvi Raj Kiran, Sanmala Rajasekhar, A.V. Sridhar, J.Harinarayana Rao 883-889
Design and Optimization of Leaf Spring Using Composites PDF [Full Text]
V. Satyanarayana, V.V. Ramakraishna, Sanmala Rajasekhar, K.V.R. Murthy 890-897
Enhancing Performance of Data Access by using Cooperative Caching in Disruption Tolerant Networks PDF [FULL TEXT]
Shaik Khadar Basha, Mr.P.V.N.N Durga Prasad 898-902
Collection of Effective Live traffic Information on Broadcasting Channel PDF [Full Text]
M vamsi Krishna, S Madhuri, M Naga Babu 903-905
Two Efficient outsourced ABS (OABS) Schemes Denoted By OABS-I And OABS-II To Build An Efficient outsourced Verifying Protocol PDF [FULL TEXT]
M vamsi Krishna, S Madhuri, Y Praveen Kumar 906-909
To The Encrypted Sensed Data By Applying Digital Signatures To Message Packets Using SET-IBS and SET-IBOOS PDF [FULL TEXT]
M vamsi Krishna, P Vanimanikyam 610-912
A Fault Localization Algorithm To Isolate Faulty Devices and Rules PDF [Full Text]
M vamsi Krishna, R Sowndarya 913-916
Protected data retrieval System using CP-ABE for decentralized Tolerant Networks (DTNs) where many key authorities manage their attributes separately PDF [FULL TEXT]
V Siva mallikarjunarao, K Jhon Paul 917-921
Novel Visual Authentication Protocols to Defend Key Logging Issues PDF [FULL TEXT]
Chava Niharika, N Madhu Bindu 922-926
Secured Data Retrieval System in Unfriendly Regions Using CP-ABE Based in Ad Hoc Disruption- Tolerant Networks PDF [FULL TEXT]
K Yamini, V Jhansi Lakshmi 927-930
Success Pattern Finding With Regards To Textual Content Exploration PDF [FULL TEXT]
K Anuradha, K N madhavi latha 931-933
Building Trustworthy And Resourceful Interrogation Services In The Cloud Using Knn-R Algorithm PDF [FULL TEXT]
R Naga Sudha, G Nirmala 934-936
To Investigate Data Center Performance and Quality of service in IaaS CloudComputing Systems. PDF [FULL TEXT]
manoj v, pranav vallabaneni 937-939
Permitting Data Active For Cloud Processing Storage Method PDF [FULL TEXT]
M Anusha, P Naga Deepthi 940-942
Dynamic Data Security Assurance In Cloud Computing PDF [FULL TEXT]
SK Davood, M Ganesh Babu 943-944
An Efficient Scalable Data Sharing In Cloud Storage Using Key PDF [FULL TEXT]
k koteswara chari, M krishna 945-946
Extraction Of Users Life Styles For Buddy Recommendation In Social Network PDF [FULL TEXT]
M vamsi Krishna, P Naga Nuka Ratnam 947-950
Machine Learning Text Categorization In OSN To Filter Unwanted Messages PDF [FULL TEXT]
prudhvee raj kota, anil chowdary kotaru 951-954
Providing Best Quality Of Video Streaming Using AMES Method PDF [FULL TEXT]
harikoti raj venkat, Vahiduddin shariff 955-959
Dynamic Access Control In Cloud Computing Using Encryption/Decryption PDF [FULL TEXT]
ravindra r, krishna chaitanya r 960-962
Vampire Attacks: Draining Life From Wireless Adhoc Sensor Networks PDF [FULL TEXT]
Pavani Potnuri, Bharath Kumar Gowru, Venkateswara Rao Nadakuditi 963-968
Face Recognition Based Security System Using Sift Algorithm PDF [FULL TEXT]
Tegala Balaprasad, R.V.V Krishna 969-973
Precision Controlled Secrecy Stabilization In Relational Data PDF [FULL TEXT]
Rajkumar Lingamgunta, Jajula Hari Babu 974-977
Enhanced performance of micro grid in islanded mode with multi level inverter PDF [FULL TEXT]
Yatam Venkata Siva, S Rajshekar 978-985
On Fault Free Response Analysis For BIST PDF [Full Text]
Yogesh Singh, Shafiqul Abidin 986-987
Design Development and Analysis Of Two Wheeler Eco Friendly Plastic Carburetor With Rapid Prototyping PDF [Full Text]
P.Manasa Deepthi, Gidda Venkateswara Rao, J .Hari Narayana Rao 988-995
Execution Investigation of Distribution Generation Scheme Fed PMSM Drive through Fuel Cell Energy Source PDF [FULL TEXT]
Boddeda Jagannadha Rao, M Vamsi Sree, Grandhi Ramu 996-1003
Adaptable conveyed administration uprightness verification for software as a service clouds PDF [FULL TEXT]
Satuluri Om Sri Sai Krishna, G.B.V Padmanadh, Dr. G Veereswara Swamy 1004-1009
The cloud Approach for Consistent Appropriate deduplication PDF [FULL TEXT]
Alamuri Dheeraj, P Krishna Sai 1010-1015
Accurate Stretch Harmonisation For Peripatetic In Marine Stretch Networks PDF [FULL TEXT]
P Krishna Veni, A Venkatesh 1016-1018
Reversable Afore Encoding For Revocable Data Spanking In Encoded Images PDF [FULL TEXT]
Anupama Chowdary Ganipineni, Lakshmi Prasad Koyi 1019-1022
Enhanced Authorized Deduplication check and providing data confidentiality in Twin cloud PDF [FULL TEXT]
M Vamsi Krishna, G Rajasekhar, K Satyanarayana 1023-1025
A New Zcs-Pwm Full-Bridge Dc–Dc Converter With Simple Auxiliary Circuits PDF [FULL TEXT]
Ramalingeswara Rao M 1026-1030
Dc-Bus Voltage Control With A Three-Phase Bidirectional Inverter For Dc Distribution Systems PDF [FULL TEXT]
Venkata Manikanta Guttula, B.D.S Prasad 1031-1037
A Unified Control Startergy For Three Phase Inverter In Dg PDF [FULL TEXT]
Ramya Kanaka Sowjanya Maddila, B.D.S. Prasad 1038-1043
Evalauation Of Heat Transfer Characteristics Of Titanium Nitride And Titanium Carbide Nano Fluids In Shell & Tube Heat Exchanger PDF [Full Text]
Palla. Madhavi, J.Ramesh Naidu, Y.Dhana Sekhar 1044-1051
Srf Theory Revisited” To Control Self-Supported Dynamic Voltage Restorer (Dvr) For Unbalanced And Nonlinear Loads PDF [FULL TEXT]
Leela Sarvani Palukuru, Y.Raja Babu 1052-1059
Space Vector PWM Based Power Quality Compensation of Multi-Functional Grid-Tied Inverters and Its Application in Micro-Grids PDF [Full Text]
G.Siva Naga Malleswara Rao, V.Hari Babu, M.Bala Subba Reddy 1060-1072
A Grid Level High Power Back To Back System Using Modular Multilevel Cascade Converter Without Dc Link Capacitor PDF [FULL TEXT]
Nikhilesh Reddy, Y.Raja Babu 1073-1080
Controller Implementation for PV Interconnection Based Three-Phase UPS Systems Operating Under Highly Nonlinear Loads PDF [Full Text]
P. Muni Sravani, D. Srilatha, M. Bala Subba Reddy 1081-1092
Effect Of Thermal Load On Valve By Using Conventional Diesel And Blended Fuels PDF [Full Text]
Raja Nayudu, Kuppili. Mohan Krishna, V.V. Ramakrishna, J.Hari Narayana Rao 1093-1100

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