A Fault Localization Algorithm To Isolate Faulty Devices and Rules

M vamsi Krishna, R Sowndarya


Network engineerspursue down bugs by means of the simplest tools and track down root causesusing a grouping of mount upinsight and perception. Debuggingnetworks is only fetching harder as networks are gettingbigger. Moderndata centres may surround 10 000 switches, acampus network may serve 50 000 users, a 100-Gb/s long-haul link may carry 100 000 flows and are getting morethornywith over 6000 RFCs, router software is based on millions oflines of source code, and network chips repeatedly contain billionsof gates. It is a mall conjecture that network engineers have beenlabelled “masters of complexity”.


Data plane analysis, network troubleshooting, testpacket generation.


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