A Unified Control Startergy For Three Phase Inverter In Dg

Ramya Kanaka Sowjanya Maddila, B.D.S. Prasad


This paper presents a neutral point clamped technique based three-phase inverter with grid connected system that operates in both islanded and grid-tied modes. This paper presents the detailed analysis and the parameter design of the control strategy. The 3-phase inverter in the DG system, dosn’t needs any switching between two controllers for the operation. The new proposed control strategy having two loops 1) inner inductor current loop, and 2) a voltage loop in the synchronous reference frame. The inner current loop is used to regulate the inverter as a current source in grid-tied operation. In the islanding mode the voltage controller is automatically controls the load voltage. To check the effectiveness of the proposed system, the waveforms of the grid current and the load voltage are distorted under nonlinear load with the conventional strategy. These issues are addressed by proposing a neutral point clamped (NPC) technique in this paper. The effectiveness of the proposed control strategy is verified by the simulation results using MATLAB/SIMULINK software.


Distributed generation (DG), islanding, load current, seamless transfer, three-phase inverter, unified control, NPC


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